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  • I can't breathe.

  • The people united!

  • In the US black Americans are killed

  • at higher population-adjusted rates than white people are.

  • If you're black and you're unarmed,

  • you're three and a half times more

  • likely to be killed by police than if you're white

  • and you're unarmed.

  • In 2013 the Black Lives Matter movement started.

  • And that year 291 people were killed by police.

  • In 2019 police killed 259 black Americans,

  • which is a minor decline in the seven years

  • since the movement began.

  • Violent crime rates don't predict

  • which cities are most likely to have police killings.

  • According to the Stanford Open Policing Project

  • black motorists are more likely to be stopped

  • and searched by police than white motorists are.

  • And many studies have shown that black defendants are

  • more likely to be charged and convicted

  • with capital-eligible crimes than white defendants are.

  • This leads to a higher rate of incarceration

  • for the black population.

  • In 2018 they comprised 33 per cent of those imprisoned,

  • yet only 13 per cent of the total population.

  • Over a 10-year period starting in 1995,

  • black Americans represented 36 per cent of all drug arrests

  • and 46 per cent of all drug convictions

  • despite being only 13 per cent of drug users.

  • Several police precincts have been

  • investigated by the Department of Justice

  • and found to be violating the equal rights

  • of African-Americans, including New York City,

  • with its stop and frisk policy, as well as Ferguson, Missouri,

  • which used arrests and violations to pad the city's

  • budgets at the expense of black Americans.

I can't breathe.


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