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[Seventeen MYMY]
I think that's what SEVENTEEN's dream is.
That's actually a boat, right?
But it's a boat that flies across the sky.
When we think of a boat, we usually think of one that's sailing across the ocean.
But the theme of this MV is that we're sailing across the enormous sky altogether,
And it represents how we work hard and move forward towards our dreams and goals.
When I look at this boat, I feel like
We have to go farther instead of going higher.
Since the boat is in the sky, it's already up high.
So for me, the meaning of this boat is that our goal is to look farther and go farther.
We're heading towards North now.
You're heading North?
I'm going up.
- Oh you're going up? - Yeah.
- We're going up like this now. - Yeah, like that.
Actually, our goal is... Hmm..
It's hard to say there's like a definite goal.
- Because our goal keeps changing. - Right.
- I think the person that you go with is more important than going alone. - Yeah.
I think it's kind of like
A journey towards our goal.
A goal that SEVENTEEN dreams of,
A journey of the things we dream of.
The journey on the way to reaching our goal?
And I think our friendship is a part of it too.
How we enjoy each other's company along the way.
- I think the person that you go with is more important than going alone. - Yeah.
I think this is really wonderful.
Before our debut, we didn't know if we would succeed. But we succeeded, which is amazing.
I believe that we all think that
Taking a single step forward altogether, the 13 of us, is more meaningful
Than taking more steps forward or going faster by oneself.
Just being together with each other is really meaningful and important for us.


SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) '헹가래' Trailer : A Scene of the Journey "P"

52 タグ追加 保存
莊詠婷 2020 年 6 月 10 日 に公開
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