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[Seventeen MYMY]
So we're in the middle of a shoot about us going on a journey
After the journey we came back to our hotel
And now we have the pool set ready for us to shoot a scene where we all get comfortable.
-Like there's a pool in front of our hotel. -Right.
As if we always wear these kinds of clothes to take a break.
The word 'travel' sounds like it's for fun, but 'journey' gives you a feeling of going on a search for a purpose.
-Don't you think so? -True, true.
The journey is like... you're going on a journey
But for travel... wait it's the same thing though
I think, of course, there would be some sort of a difference but I don't think that there's much difference between the two.
Anyhow, we go traveling to feel something
But it's basically for fun.
Traveling is about feeling happiness or joy
Or maybe experiencing something new, and we do the same for a journey.
Then what about a tiring journey?
Tiring is tiring, there are tiring travel moments as well.
For me, it feels like traveling has an end but a journey doesn't.
That's very abstract.
There will be a lot of emotions but don't you think those emotions throughout a journey will help us mature?
I think it'll be a tough journey.
I don't think it'll be easy
But at the same time, I don't think it'll be so difficult that I'd want to quit
And I would probably enjoy it if I'm with these guys.
Through experiencing lots of things and learning there will be results
And those results won't be the final destination and we'll continue with something else
So I just want to express that sort of thing as an 'endless journey' instead of using the word 'travel.'
I want to go on a journey that's meant for us.
A great journey.
How do you think SEVENTEEN's journey will go?
I think we need to take on more responsibilities.
Do things ourselves.
-Ourselves? -Yeah.
I feel that we'd go on an arbitrary path
And I think that would be more exciting and fun.


SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) '헹가래' Trailer : A Scene of the Journey "H"

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