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- We've been to some pretty cool places
in the last couple of years,
and while it's difficult to choose,
if you're looking to travel in 2020
here are my top 10 places I think you should consider.
I'm not sure that it even has to be said,
but the Jungfrau region of Switzerland
is truly unforgettable.
A real juxtaposition to the many cities
that I've included on this list,
the Jungfrau region is the land of quiet and quaint.
Here you will find villages that are
straight out of a storybook, truly.
Nestled into the sides of mountains,
dotted with chalets, and filled with the sounds
of cowbells and rustling trees,
come prepared to spend your days
repeating the following steps.
Hope aboard a train, ride to a village,
grab a picnic, find a trail head, and explore,
complete said activity with a picnic at the summit,
go home, rest, and repeat.
Lake Como, Italy.
Lake Como has a particularly special place in our hearts
as it was the first overseas trip that we took
as a family.
But there's a reason beyond that that it is on this list.
Lake Como is nestled up at the foothills
of the Swiss Alps.
It's a massive lake, lined with the most
darling colorful villas.
The entire scene just screams respite,
with tiny cafes, charming town squares,
and endless nature to explore.
All of that, with the added bonus of it being
in Italy with comfort Italian food.
I mean it just might be my favorite place on Earth.
New York City.
If you're subscribed to this channel
then you've recently heard me gush
about New York City in detail.
There is no place like it.
The energy in New York City is unmatched,
with its skyscrapers and theaters and like
go-go-go get shit done energy,
paralleled then with its stunning waterfront views
and gorgeous parks.
It also happens to be one of the greatest
food cities in the world.
A true multi cultural destination
with nearly every cuisine to prove it.
That, combined with the fact that everything
is open late for late night adventures and snacking,
it is and forever will be at the top of my list.
Hong Kong.
Though it is an increasingly complex place to visit,
it is a must-see city.
It's difficult to put the vibrance
that is Hong Kong into words, but picture this,
a city with some of the tallest
and most decorative skyscrapers,
surrounded by lush, exceptionally beautiful nature,
set on the water with ferries crisscrossing day and night.
While the views are certainly a part of
what sets Hong Kong apart,
there is so much more to this destination.
The food stands out as some of the best
I've had in all of my travels,
with exceptional dedication to the craft.
The food that you eat in Hong Kong
will be difficult to find elsewhere at that caliber.
Once you've taken in all that this city has to offer,
make sure to explore its surroundings,
with beaches no more than 10 minutes out of the city,
and charming fishing harbors just a ferry ride away.
Hong Kong is truly the perfect coming together
of the hustle and bustle of the new
and the timeless character and culture of the old.
Yes I know you've probably heard enough
about Iceland to last a lifetime,
and honestly, before going myself,
I felt the same way.
But Iceland is more than deserving of all of the fuss.
The only word that does this place justice
is otherworldly.
Its vast craters, unmatched horizons and black sand beaches,
Iceland presents nature that honestly,
if I hadn't seen with my own eyes,
I could have been convinced it was supernatural.
At every stop we found ourselves
with jaws dropped and cameras at the ready,
taking in the blue lagoons, miles of volcanic land,
and thermal energy radiating off the hillsides.
We went in winter, but Iceland is beautiful year round.
For us, it was the perfect time to commune
with nature, each other, and all of the thermal pools.
Edinburgh, Scotland.
If you, like me, are a lover of Harry Potter
and forever find yourself dreaming
of finding a place like Hogwarts,
look no further than Edinburgh.
The land of cobble stone streets
and castles sitting at the top of a hill
looking down at the city.
We went full into Scotland vibes
with stops in each and every tweed shop,
afternoon tea in the historic library,
and English breakfast every single day.
Edinburgh is entirely walkable
with streets lined with the cutest little shops
and perfect cafes for a cup of tea.
Once you've guzzled down that cup with
cream and sugar because you're not dumb,
go hike Arthur's Seat and become convinced
that you have officially discovered
where the term rolling hills comes from.
Tokyo, Japan.
Tokyo, as you've likely heard,
is the epitome of metropolitan.
Its crowded city streets and lit from
the ground up skyscrapers have certainly
played a large part in defining this city
and putting it on the map.
And while those are a site to see,
just behind them there is so much more to explore.
With one of the most efficient
public transport systems in the world,
you can visit each and every corner of the city
for drastically different experiences,
each of them both a literal feast and a figurative one.
Tiny, quiet streets lined with second hand shops
full of the most wonderful treasures,
food that is not only treated as a foundational
part of the culture but as a true art form,
and shrines surrounded by dense, stunning forests.
A trip to Tokyo feels like a trip
simultaneously into the future and the past.
Southern Utah.
I've raved about southern Utah before
and I'll rave about it again.
It is one of my favorite destinations year round.
If you are even remotely an outdoorsy person
you absolutely have to have southern Utah
on your bucket list.
With its could have been designed by Dr. Seuss structures
and endless narrow tunnels,
it is the perfect destination for all hikers;
beginner or advanced.
Every time we find ourselves there
it's hard to believe and take in
how out of the world this nature is.
In many ways it feels like you're on another planet.
Portugal, with its vast beaches and quaint metropolises
is a destination I cannot stop recommending.
Its long coast along the Atlantic Ocean
is dotted with charming towns that are perfect
for a day or two long stopover,
making it an ideal location for a European road trip.
Portugal brings it on every front,
with its romantic cities, rich history,
and picturesque beaches.
You honestly cannot go wrong there.
Also, I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't
personally advise you to eat your weight
in pasteis de nata.
Just do it.
Trust me, do it.
Taiwan is favorite place that I traveled to in 2019.
So much so that it's already on my bucket list
for a round two.
There's just so much to see.
We spent the bulk of our time in Taipei
and its surrounding areas,
and honestly, I found myself confused at
why I hadn't heard more about this place.
The city itself is lined with residentials
shrouded with tropical plants that lead to
these busy streets that are jam packed with scooters.
And these riders are like in this wildly chaotic
but seemingly choreographed dance
just going about their days.
There are so many things that make Taiwan special,
namely the extremely welcoming and kind people,
the food, so much good food,
and the nature that is just a short trip
outside of the city.
We spent time in some of the most picturesque villages,
experiencing street food, making our own tea,
and hiking into the fog lined mountains.
Taiwan was filled with spots that felt
almost dreamlike with their vibrant colors
and intense nature, and wild landscape.
There are so many places in the world to explore
and I am certainly determined to see more of them.
If you have any suggestions,
make sure to include those below,
I'd love to hear yours.
And here's to more traveling.
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so that's a real confidence boost.
So good.
Give it a thumbs up.
We did it.


TOP 10 BEAUTIFUL Destinations | Where To Travel in 2020

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