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  • [The video is for practice purpose when you know the basics of the language.]

  • Learning English as a second language is difficult, but what is even (more) challenging is learning it without (a) speaking partner, (which) means practising it at home alone.

  • There are so many people (who have asked) and it's (a) most frequently asked question: how to practice English alone at home?

  • I'm going to tell you quite a few ways which are going to help you do a great job at home, (which) means practice (practicing) English alone without having (a) speaking partner.

  • Let's get started.

  • [How to practice English speaking alone at home, by Khushi Slingh]

  • Well, there is a person in your home who is always with you, and guess what?

  • That person is ever (always) ready to help you.

  • That person is youyourself.

  • Yes, you yourself can help from all the angles you want.

  • Now, what all you gonna do for it is (all you have to do for this is), you have a speaking partner now at home in front of your mirror.

  • Means (this means) when you look into the mirror, there is a person right out there (right there) to help you practice your English.

  • Now, when you (you're) practicing in (by) looking into the mirror, nobody is there to stop you from speaking what you speak.

  • And certainly nobody to correct your mistakes, so try practicing in front of mirror.

  • A few months ago, I made a video on how to think in English.

  • Well, this is step number two, and the video link is given in a description as well as at the end of the video.

  • So now when you start thinking in English, certainly you start living in the environment of English and for that you don't need anybody else.

  • You can have mental talk, a bit of the talk with yourself.

  • (This) Means plan (planning) your day out, plan (planning) exactly what you're going to do be doing by evening today.

  • What are your plans for tomorrow?

  • What are the plans for your next visit? The place where you're going to visit?

  • The friends you're going to meet?

  • Just think about it in English, and this practice makes you confident enough to think on your feet.

  • Well the next thing is listen and repeat.

  • Listen to the piece of music which you like, listen to the piece of dialogue you find interesting, or just, you know, interview of your favorite actor favorite actresses.

  • Listen and repeat, and that can be done alone.

  • And I believe you will love doing it as I like doing it very much.

  • When I watch my favorite actors speaking on the screen, I just pick (a) couple of (pieces of) dialogues (dialogue) and just throw it and speak at the same time.

  • Now by doing so, you don't just practice English, you practice on your vocabulary, certainly accent as well.

  • Just do it.

  • I haven't said everything I know, I just mentioned three of them.

  • So in the next in the series, if you love doing and practicing all the three different tips what (that) I shared with you, do mention the comment section below.

  • So I'll make another video as I mentioned the series, where I'll tell you (a) few more ways to practice speaking English alone at home without anybody's help.

  • You don't need help.

  • We don't have to shift (live) in a native countries (country) to, you know, practice English.

  • We can do it right here, right now, at this moment.

  • While eating food, while sleeping, I mean, while being on the bed, anytime anywhere.

  • Bye bye!

[The video is for practice purpose when you know the basics of the language.]


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