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[crowd cheering]
♪ Come with me to the land I love ♪
♪ It's not right here Down the street or up above ♪
♪ It's down below in the deep blue sea ♪
♪ Where SpongeBob lives And the fun is always free ♪
♪ Down, down, down To the bottom of the sea ♪
♪ Where our salty friend SpongeBob waits for you and me ♪
♪ Down, down, down Oh, we'll have lots of fun ♪
♪ You and me forever In the underwater sun ♪
♪ We'll catch some jellyfish If we get a chance ♪
♪ Say hello to Patrick And do a little dance ♪
♪ Karate-chop Sandy See Squid get a tan ♪
♪ Eat a Krabby Patty And foil plankton's plan ♪
♪ Down, down, down To the bottom of the sea ♪
♪ We'll hook up with SpongeBob And his snail Gary ♪
♪ Down, down, down Oh, we'll have lots of fun ♪
♪ You and me forever In the underwater sun ♪
♪ Underwater sun ♪
[crowd cheering]
Ah, the Barg'N-Mart.
A consumer's paradise of brand-like items stocked as far as the eye can see.
[heavy breathing]
19 seconds!
That's a new record, Lou!
Uh, that's great SpongeBob.
But it's not an official record, until we record it in the Book of Records.
19 seconds.
OK, so, it's $1.42.
Sign here ,please?
Initial here.
And here.
And here.
Oh, look. It's a picture I took of you the first time I ever came here.
Look at you, so young and happy.
Where do the years go?
Hey, what's that?
Plan your own party kit?
Hey, Lou, how much?
For the plan your own party kit?
Oh, we're having a special on those. They're free.
But you have to leave, right now.
Let's see, Gary, according to the plan your own party kit
invitations are the first order of business.
A short guest list consisting of only your closest acquaintances
will set an intimate tone for the evening and provide soiree success.
Well, you heard the man, Gary. Only our closest friends.
Who the barnacles is SpongeBob SquarePants?
I believe you went to kindergarten with him, dear.
Kindergarten, huh?
Oh, yeah, SquarePants.
Well, I guess it's time to move again.
Boy, Gary, this plan your own party kit's a life saver.
How else would I have known to make freshly whipped clotted cream.
Gary, you better call an astronomer,
because this clotted cream is out of this world!
My piñata.
[heavy breathing]
Ooh, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.
The plan your own party kit encourages creativity when stuffing your piñata.
That's why I'm using deviled eggs.
Good question, Gary, but not to worry.
The plan your own party kit warns that unsupervised parties can lead to disaster.
That's why I've taken the liberty of devising a schedule.
8:00 to 8:05, guests arrive.
8:05 to 8:15, opening remarks and general discussion.
8:15 to 8:27, craft corner, followed by nametag distribution.
At 8:27, we begin the qualifying rounds
for our cracker eating/tongue twister contest.
9:07, running charades.
9:38, charity apple bob.
9:57, electric jitterbug dance marathon.
Ladies' choice.
At 10:09, things start cooking
as I dip into my world famous knock knock joke vault.
And as long as we stick to this schedule,
our party is a guaranteed success.
This is going to be the coolest party ever!
Looks like it's smooth party sailing for SpongeBob so far.
Now it's time for me to get me own party underway.
Gather round, you scurvy landlubbers!
It's time to learn the peg-legged dance of happiness.
Whoa! It's quite simple really.
All you need is a peg-leg and some patience,
and my instructional video series, only $29.95.
How tacky.
It's a $40 value Potty, a $40 value!


Underwater Sun! ☀️ #TuesdayTunes

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