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  • hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with a quick tip for you I often get

  • questions from students asking how do I know how to pronounce a word based on

  • spelling and so this is one of those tips for you and today we're going to

  • talk about double letters versus single letters so when you see a word that has

  • a double consonant sound and then um okay I made a mistake here so I just want to

  • clarify it when you see a double consonant letter it is a short vowel as

  • opposed to a single consonant letter we are going to have a long vowel so what does that mean

  • let's go ahead and take a look I use the ER ending so we have some similarities

  • here just so you can see how this rule works so line one here we have one

  • consonant sound before the ER so all of those vowels are going to be long and

  • long vowels are basically the letter name so we have super diner and later

  • super diner later now here we have two consonant sounds so we know from the

  • rule that vowel is going to be short and we are going to say supper dinner and

  • latter

  • and let me give you a sentence the later choice to avoid the

  • ladder climb allowed us to enjoy dinner at the super supper diner give it a try

  • I know people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful

  • we'd love a like and a share and a subscribe check out our products on

  • Google Play on iTunes and for class information look on Tarle speech comm

  • thanks so much I'll see you again soon

hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with a quick tip for you I often get


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リーディングと英語の発音 - 二重子音と単音の子音と母音の長さ (Reading & English Pronunciation - Double & Single Consonants and Vowel Length)

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    Summer に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日