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  • In this video I wanted to share with you some of my favorite technologies in a Japanese home.

    今回はオラが気に入ってる 日本のホームテクノロジーを紹介すっぞ!

  • So as many of you know, I've recently moved in my new Tokyo apartment

    知ってる人も多いと思うけど オラは最近都内で引っ越しをしたんだ

  • In fact, I've already done a full tour of this entire apartment


  • So if you want to see that check out the links in the description.

    気になったら下のリンクから チェックしてみてくれ

  • But one of the things I didn't fully cover was the technology used in Japanese homes,

    そっちの動画では日本のホームテクノロジーに ついて詳しく話さなかったんだ

  • so in this video I wanted to highlight some of the technologies that I think are pretty cool in a Japanese home and some of

    だから、今回はオラが面白いと思う 日本のホームテクノロジーについて話そうと思う

  • You may be familiar with some of these Japanese technology is or you may have it in your home country.

    今回紹介するものを すでに知ってる人もいると思うし

  • But they still made a list because I think they're pretty awesome. Either way in the comments. Let me know what country you're from


  • What's new to you?

    それでもオラが重しレェと思ったものは 全部詳しく紹介していこうと思う

  • What you've seen before?

    コメント欄でどこの国出身で、同じものがあるとか 初めて見たとか

  • As well as things that you really really like and finally before I start if you want to see what I'm doing on the daily


  • Check out my Instagram account

    始める前に、オラの日常は インスタでチェックできるぞ

  • if you wanna help support the channel check out the Tokyo merch and if you have any questions about Japan and definitely check out my


  • Discord community. So without further ado. Let me show you some my favorite Japanese home tech

    日本についての質問があるなら オラのDISCORDコミュニティにアクセスだ

  • so first of all


  • Let's talk about the built-in intercom system


  • like I mentioned before in the house for


  • Video this intercom system lets you see who is at the main entrance on the first floor

    このインターコムで一階のメインエントランスに 誰が来てるかを見ることができるんだけど

  • But it also has some pretty cool unique features that I didn't mention in the other video


  • The first thing that I thought was pretty cool is that when someone comes to the first floor?


  • Rings the bell and you're not actually in the house


  • it will record on SD card and the video footage that


  • Actually appeared on the screen and not only does it act as an intercom system

    スクリーンの映像が SDカードに録画されるんだ

  • But it acts as an alarm system as well

    それから、インターコム機能の他に アラーム機能も備わってるんだぞ

  • first of all if you have any water leaks in the house

    例えば、家の中で水漏れがあったら システムが教えてくれる

  • It'll notify you on the system in addition


  • If you do have a fire in the house

    このボタンを押すと、近所の人に火災があったことを 知らせてくれるんだ

  • You can press this button right here and I'll notify your neighbors that there's actually a fire and at the same right if your neighbors

    逆にいえば、近所で火事があって ボタンを押したら

  • Have a fire inside of their home and they press that button. It'll notify you here on the display

    ここでアラームが鳴るようになってるんだ いいだろ?

  • This is pretty cool an intercom system also has an emergency button


  • But you should never really press but just in case something happens and you need to call security


  • You can press this button right here, and they'll come up and finally the intercom system has its own

    でも何か起きてセキュリティを呼ぶ必要がある時 は

  • Built-in home security meaning that you can disarm and arm it when you want when you armed the security system


  • And say if someone tries to come through the front door, it'll automatically call security for you

    それから、これにはホームセキュリティシステムも 搭載されてんだ

  • And in fact been testing all this stuff out

    つまり、好きな時にセキュリティを かけることができるってことだな

  • I made a mistake and I actually tripped the alarm and the security company came here and made sure that everything was okay

    例えば、セキュリティがオンの時に 誰かが玄関から入ろうとしたら

  • So yeah, super surprised about this intercom system


  • It was actually more than I originally thought it was so another thing that I love about the Japanese apartments


  • Is that some of them have delivery boxes on the first floor?


  • So if you're anything like me

    セキュリティがすぐ駆けつけてくれて 問題がないか確認してくれた

  • It's probably one of the most useful things you can have in your apartment and something that I just really


  • Really love personally


  • I order a lot of stuff online especially places like Amazon now when you're not home the delivery person can actually just put your package


  • Into the delivery box and then whenever you return that box is waiting for you to pick up


  • it's actually pretty nice about this particular system here at this apartment 1 it'll actually

    オラは郵便物が多いから 宅配ボックスには本当に助けられてんだ

  • Notify you at the intercom system that I showed you earlier that there was a package


  • Actually delivered also another feature of this delivery box system is that you not only can receive packages


  • but you can actually


  • send packages out meaning that if you want to give a package to someone or like a friend and you're not actually here at your

    不在の時に配達員が来たとしても 宅配ボックスに入れておいてくれる

  • Home you can put it in the delivery box and then set a pin code for them to pick up the package and finally this

    で、帰宅した時にボックスを開ければ 荷物が受け取れるって訳

  • System has this one more feature. I've actually personally never used it myself


  • But it says cleaning service on it

    荷物が宅配ボックスに入ったら さっきのインターコムで教えてくれるんだ

  • So basically if you have dry cleaning you can use a system to send and receive your dry cleaning for you


  • Which is definitely not absolutely necessary, but it's one of those cool things to have


  • So yeah, I personally like the system but what do you guys think?


  • So this next one is quite unique to Japanese homes that built in fish grill, basically in the center console right here

    宅配ボックスに入れて ピンコードを設定すればいいんだ

  • you have a tray that you can pull out and this tray right here is where you put the fish and just


  • Below it. You actually have a tray when you're supposed to fill in with water


  • So the fish doesn't burn so once you've closed it


  • All you need to do is press the button like so and just at the bottom you can set the time

    例えば、ドライクリーニングを出さなきゃ なんねぇ時に

  • 1 3 6 9 or 12 minutes and just right above you have these burners that will cook the

    宅配ボックスを使って、ドライクリーニングを 出したり受け取ったりできるんだ

  • It's rather simple but a lot of Japanese people who often cook fish find this very useful

    絶対に必要なサービスかっつったら そうでもねぇけど

  • So this next one is probably given but still one of my favorite technologies in that Japanese house


  • the Japanese wash let

    オラ、個人的には宅配ボックスが気に入ってるけど みんなはどう思う?

  • So a lot of you already know that many Japanese houses come with a Japanese toilet meaning it has that a day and wash let


  • Feature so features like being able to adjust the temperature of the stream or the strength of the stream is all pretty standard


  • But this particular toilet has an actual button to remove odor in addition to that


  • It actually has a dryer feature which you can set from low medium and high


  • Which I guess solves the problem if you run out of toilet paper or you don't want to use toilet paper at all


  • And finally for those of you who often forget to flush it


  • Automatically flushes for you when you're done


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  • So this next one is not as technologically advanced as some of the other things in this video


  • But I think it's pretty smart in its own, right?


  • so if you have ever been in a Japanese apartment or an apartment in your home country and you've had the door slam all of

    スポンサーMobalが オラとまいこ、そしてベビーの生活を支えてくれてる!

  • A sudden or if you try to open up the door and it's really hard to open then you may have this issue

    このご時世だから、 日本への旅行を取りやめた人も多いと思う

  • Basically, what's happening is that there's a lot of air pressure that's building up in the room

    近い将来日本へ旅行する予定なら 是非検討してほしいサービスだ

  • This is because maybe you're running kitchen fans while you're cooking or maybe you're running ventilators in the bath

    Mobal Japan Simはモバイル端末をつなげておくために ぴったりのサービスだ

  • So doing this while having all the doors and windows closed in your apartment builds up a massive amount of air pressure


  • So in order to alleviate this a lot of newer Japanese apartments started installing these air vents

    MobalのSIMカードを使えば 目的地へ行き方を調べることができるし

  • So the technology itself is very simple, basically


  • It's a hole in the wall with a filter in the middle and just on the inside of this wall


  • You have this little opening. So for example, it starts off closed you press it

    日本で楽しんでる様子を SNSをアップデートすることだってできる

  • Once it opens up a little bit and then press it a second time

    オラが日本旅行時に Mobal をおすすめする理由はこれだ

  • It opens up a little bit more and then you press it a third time and then it opens up all the way

    1Mobal Japanは送料無料で 自宅までSIM カードを発送してくれる

  • Pressing it one more time after that then completely closes it again in general


  • These air vents are installed in every room of the apartment. In fact in 2003


  • It became part of Japanese building standard law to have these air vents installed. Apparently, it was a countermeasure against sick building syndrome


  • SBS and since Japan is known for its very moist winters

    オラが普段使ってるSoftbankっつー ネットワークを使ってるんだ

  • One of the biggest problems here in Japan is mold when you don't properly ventilate your apartment, especially in the winter


  • It creates a perfect situation for mold to grow. So while it may make sense to close the opening during winter months


  • It's actually recommended to leave the vents open all year long


  • So yeah vents may be not that interesting to you, but I thought it was quite clever to find in Japanese homes

    下のリンクからアクセスして Mobal Japan SIMカードをゲットしてくれ

  • So next up is that Japanese bath unit now?


  • I know I covered this one already in the home tour, but it's definitely worth mentioning in this video

    次に紹介するのは、今まで紹介したものと比べると テクノロジー的には進んでないかも

  • So basically this bath unit which includes a shower and who's a bath tub


  • This whole enclosed space is one little tiny room and when you close this door right here


  • It creates a water sealed room and in so doing you it's specialized


  • Air-conditioning unit and as mentioned in my previous video you can turn this whole room into one if dryer

    ドアが勝手にバーンってしまったり 全然開かなかったりすることがあるんだ

  • Unit just behind me. You have two poles or you can hang wet clothes


  • so basically

    キッチンや風呂の換気扇を回してると 起きることがある

  • All you need to do is take your wet clothes


  • hang them on the two poles right behind me and then close the door which creates a full seal and then turn on the


  • Dryer and then in a few hours your clothes are dry


  • So basically you'll find it is a fairly common for Japanese people to take their clothes and hang them outside on their balcony


  • Unfortunately when it's raining they can't do that


  • So this is the alternative to hanging the clothes outside on a rainy day aside from that the bath unit AC


  • Also has a ventilation system as well as like a light wind


  • But what's also interesting is that it has a programmable?


  • Heating function where you can turn on low high or even just to heat up the room really really quickly


  • The reason for this is that winters in Japan get extremely cold. And therefore these bath units get really really cold as well


  • And so you don't have to take a bath or a shower in a cold room


  • All you need to do is hit that heater button in a few minutes before you go in and you're good to go


  • So while we're here?

    実は、2003年に日本の建物についての法律で この空気孔を設置することが義務付けられたんだ

  • Let me also take a minute to talk about the automatic bath in Japanese houses


  • Just behind me is the bath and to the left of me is a control panel


  • So basically this control panel here


  • Allows you to set the temperature and the level of the water by pressing one button and once all set it does it all


  • automatically every single time so all you have to do is press the button like this and then as you can see


  • The water fills up and you wait a few minutes and then you have a filled tub be honest, though

  • I am a shower person

  • but those of you who love to take a bath this makes it super easy and in fact

  • You don't even need to come to the bathtub to turn it on

  • Let me show you so here in the kitchen of the apartment

  • You actually have the controls right here

  • So you don't actually need to go to the bath unit in order to turn it on again

  • All you have to do is press the button. We like here to turn on the bat

  • Auda, matically see how easy that is. Let me show you one more thing. That's actually pretty cool

  • so this next feature kind of reminds me of

  • I was a kid soin growing up as a little kid in the States

  • I used to see this commercial all the time in the commercial

  • I'd see this little old grandma fall over and she'd say I

  • Fallen, and I can't get up and then she'd press a button and someone would come and help her

  • Well, his bat actually has the same feature, but instead of calling security or someone to come help. It just calls outside

  • Let me show you

  • Open it

  • Look at that. Someone is calling me so that concludes a video

  • Let me know in the comments what you thought if you like this video help me out here that like button if you want to

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  • And if you want to see more videos like this Japanese guys

  • Hit that subscribe button and the bell button and I'll catch you guys in the next one

In this video I wanted to share with you some of my favorite technologies in a Japanese home.

今回はオラが気に入ってる 日本のホームテクノロジーを紹介すっぞ!


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