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  • We're re looking at the number one most useful English phrase, in the world, ever! And I

  • mean like ever! Ever, ever, ever!

  • The phrase we're looking at today is, 'I'd love to but'. This is a wonderful phrase because

  • you get to say no to an invitation but you do it politely. Ok, so we refuse an invitation

  • politely. let's look at an invitation. So maybe my friend says 'Tom would you like to

  • go to the cinema tonight?' maybe I don't want to go for whatever reason. I could say 'I'd

  • love to but I'm busy tonight.' So you get the 'I'd love to' that's the refusing phrase

  • and then 'but I'm busy tonight' or 'I'm busy tonight' is the reason or the thing you are

  • doing. Now you'll notice that I'd love to that's showing them that you, you know, I

  • want to do it but I can't because I'm busy. Alright it's time to practise. Now I'm going

  • to make an invitation to you, wherever you are in the world and I want you to reject

  • it politely by using a 'I'd love to but...' phrase and then some reason why, ok? Let's

  • have a go!

  • 'Do you want to get a coffee with me?' Ok, let's try again. 'Do you want to get a coffee

  • with me?' Alright, good job. Now I hope you that really politely. You didn't just say

  • 'No!' I hope you used the phrase, I trust you guys, I trust you. Alright, now please

  • remember guys, oh! Before I finish, please write your comment, your sentence in the comments

  • below, Ok? So whatever phrase you used to reject my offer, write it in the comments

  • below. I'd love to see you guys using the language. Alright, now before I finish as

  • well, remember that i've got a video called 'How to refuse an invitation politely.' There

  • are three other great phrases you can use. It's on my You Tube channel which is Eat Sleep

  • Dream English, ok? So, check it out. It's really useful just like I'd love to but there

  • are some other phrases there to help you guys to refuse an invitation politely. Alright,

  • thanks so much for hanging out with me, this is Tom the English Hipster saying goodbye.

We're re looking at the number one most useful English phrase, in the world, ever! And I


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