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  • Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's

  • question is how do I pronounce the word seat a chair sit which is to rest your

  • bottom on the chair sheet which is a rectangular piece of paper or something

  • that you put on the bed and shit which is poop yes this is an actual question

  • it's a very embarrassing mistake so let's go ahead and jump right in and

  • take a look at these words okay so the two big things that we're going to talk

  • about today are the long e versus the short ih sound lots of confusion with these

  • sounds the difference here is the e is very tense your lips are very tense

  • and they are smiling E when you do this e your tongue is going to be very high

  • and very flat in your mouth and it's going to be behind your front teeth but

  • not touching anything when you relax your lips from the e to the ih you can

  • see that mouth opens slightly when it relaxes when it relaxes what is going to

  • happen is your tongue is going to pop down just a little tiny bit and your

  • tongue is still going to be behind your teeth but it's going to be more at sort

  • of this bottom line of your teeth so it's going to be e ih e ih e ih and then

  • the second difference with these words is going to be the S sound and to do

  • that you're going to kind of have smiling lips and the tip of the tongue

  • is either going to be behind your top front teeth or pointed down to the

  • bottom of your mouth and it is not touching your teeth and that's going to

  • allow the air to move out of your mouth this S sound is opposed to the SH sound

  • which is one sound spelled with two letters and what you're going to do for

  • this sound is round your lips

  • Shh shhh and when you round your lips your tongue should be flat and in the middle

  • of your mouth and again it is not touching your teeth at all so we have

  • sssss and shhhh ssss shhhh and then let's look at the vowels again e ih e ih okay let's put that all

  • together so word number one we have seat seat seat word number two sit sit sit

  • and then we're moving down here to sheet sheet sheet and lastly shit-shit-shit

  • actually kind of funny I have a hard time saying that without smiling

  • so let's contrast those seat sit sheet shit seat sit sheet shit alright and now

  • let's hear my sentence if you were going to take a shit be sure you have a sheet

  • of toilet paper before you sit on the toilet seat give it a try I know people

  • will notice a difference and you will no longer be embarrassed if you say one of

  • those words incorrectly if you found this helpful please give us a like and

  • share us with your friends don't forget to subscribe and if you're looking for

  • more practice check out tarle speech dot com for our products which are available on

  • Google Play and iTunes thank you so much and I will see you again tomorrow for

  • video number two take care

Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's


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シーツ、シット、シート、シート、シットの発音の仕方 - 英語発音レッスン (How to Pronounce SHEET, SHIT, SEAT, SIT - English Pronunciation Lesson)

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