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  • Hey everyone, Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question. Today's question

  • is um about two homophones which are words spelled differently have different meanings

  • and are pronounced the same and a word fact and when we add the article a to it to say

  • a fact how do we say the different words so our words today I am actually going to show

  • you are affect and when it is spelled with an A that is the verb and the verb means to

  • change or to influence and then we also have a noun the um effect which is to change as

  • a result of something so the big difference here is that the um affect with the a is a

  • verb and affect with the e is a noun and those words are pronounced exactly the same we are

  • going to contrast this today with the combination a fact lets take a look at affect first actually

  • lets take a step back and look at the first syllable in both of these combinations so

  • we are going to start both of these actually all three of these I should say the homophone

  • pair and a fact with the schwa syllable uh. so to do that you are going to open your mouth

  • its going to be very relaxed and the syllable is going to be very short uh then we are going

  • to move to part two for the homophone pair they are both are going to be pronounced with

  • fect fect and fact is going to have more of an open vowel so fect with more of a closed

  • short e and fact with more of an open short a sound so how do we do this so for this short

  • eh sound I have been getting a lot of questions about this lately your mouth is going to be

  • relaxed and it is going to be open eh what about your tongue think about having your

  • tongue the tip of your tongue just below the top teeth its not touching just think about

  • it pointing at your uh teeth pointing at this lowest part of your top teeth eh eh eh and

  • we are gonna add the f sound to do this you are going to gently bite your bottom lip inside

  • or outside for the ffff sound move to that eh sound and then you are going to end with

  • a k t to do this, tip of your tongue is going to be down for the k with the back of your

  • tongue pulled way up k t and then you are gonna flip your tongue all the way to the

  • top of your back front teeth for that t sound and lets put it all together affect affect

  • affect we are gonna contrast this with a fact and to say fact again beginning and ending

  • are the same you are going to just open your mouth in a wide round circle that is going

  • to allow your tongue to get low in your mouth the front of your tongue will be very low

  • in your mouth and the back of your tongue will be pulled up ah ah ah so again we have

  • eh eh eh and ah ah ah so lets try these affect affect affect a fact a fact a fact affect

  • a fact and now for a sentence I have a way for your to remember things this is a fact

  • affect as the verb is an action and will start with the letter a effect as a noun is the

  • end result and that will start with an e give it a try I know people are going to notice

  • the difference if you found this helpful we would like and a share it really does help

  • don't forget to subscribe and if you need more help visit us at and

  • check out our products on google play and itunes thanks so much and I'll see you again

  • soon

Hey everyone, Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question. Today's question


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AFFECT, EFFECT, A FACTの発音の仕方 -アメリカ英語発音レッスン (How to Pronounce AFFECT, EFFECT, A FACT -American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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