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  • For anyone watching right now that perhaps maybe they're writing sporadically or maybe

  • they feel like they want to start getting back to the page, putting out a book, putting

  • out an essay, starting to write a blog.

  • If they want to do some type of creative writing exercise, what's a good prompt that you

  • would give them to get started?

  • Well, my favorite prompt is based on a book that was published a long ago by a writer

  • named Joe Brainard, and the title is I Remember.

  • The title of the book is I Remember.

  • And in the book, every single sentence begins with the phrase “I remember.”

  • And then drop down another sentence, “I remember.”

  • And then another sentence, “I remember.”

  • And when I give that exercise at retreats, I look out from where I'm sitting at a sea

  • of people, and not one of them hesitates.

  • Those are extremely evocative words.

  • I mean, try not to finish a sentence that begins with “I remember.”

  • And so what I suggest to people to do is to just begin -- have a special notebook, begin

  • with the words “I rememberand write a sentence.

  • Drop down a line, begin with -- not trying to connect memories.

  • If you think about the way memory works, it doesn't work in a narrative line.

  • It doesn't connect.

  • We don't tell ourselves stories in our heads.

  • We have these disparate memories that don't connect.

  • And when we allow them to be associative and to bounce one off the next, it creates all

  • sorts of interesting material.

  • People almost invariably find memories that they didn't know that they had, or they make

  • connections that they didn't know they had.

  • So it's a good, it's a good springing of point.

For anyone watching right now that perhaps maybe they're writing sporadically or maybe


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