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  • hey there Jennifer from Tarle speech thanks for joining me today today's

  • question is a very easy one how do I pronounce the words talk and talking we

  • have a silent letter today so let's take a look at these words the word talk or

  • to exchange information verbally is spelled t a l k we are not going to

  • pronounce that L sound great right we can just skip that to say this word

  • correctly we're going to say three sounds t oh k so for this open short oh

  • sound the short o sound make sure you open your mouth very wide and an oval

  • shape and this will help get your tongue in the right place which is more in the

  • bottom of your mouth so talk and then we're going to end with that K sound

  • you're going to close your mouth a little bit and the back of your tongue

  • is going to be close to the roof of your mouth and the tip of your tongue will be

  • pointing down talk now for the word talking what you need to make sure you

  • do is break the syllables correctly so for this word think about saying ta and

  • then adding King talk King now it wasn't going to do this but I'm gonna add a

  • little bonus how do you say talked let me add that because I know someone is

  • going to ask this question and to say talked what you're going to do is say

  • the word talk oops I spelled that wrong for you and then end it with the T

  • talked so talk talking talked so we have one syllable

  • for talk two syllables for talking and then one syllable for talked so let's

  • try all those words again talk talk talk talking talking talking

  • talked talked talked I talk for a living I love talking so much that there have

  • been weeks that I talked so much that I've lost my voice give it a try I know

  • people will notice the difference if you found this helpful

  • please continue to give us likes and shares we love it don't forget to

  • subscribe if you haven't already and if you have questions leave them in the

  • comment section or visit us at Tarle speech dot comm thanks so much we'll see you

  • soon

hey there Jennifer from Tarle speech thanks for joining me today today's


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