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  • There's the chocolate factory we're going to!

  • Wow they actually have smoke coming out from the chimney.

  • Look at all the chocolates!

  • OMG how cute!

  • Dr. Penelope: Now you got the chocolate there, what do you think?

  • Mariko: It's delicious!

  • Dr. Penelope: You know we discovered that when we took a trip to the Alps together?

  • Yes!

  • Jacques: Oh my goodness.

  • Crystal: Do you like it?

  • Mariko: Of course, I love it!

  • I wish I could have it everyday.

  • It tastes better than Guinness.

  • Yeah, it does.

  • It's so smooth and sweet.

  • Crystal: And it smells like chocolate.

  • Mariko: And it tastes like chocolate.

  • Crystal: Yeah, hahaha.

  • Mariko: It doesn't feel like drinking beer.

  • Crystal: Yeah

  • Crystal: Mariko is drinkin it up!

  • Look at her with two drinks.

  • She loves that chocolate beer.

  • Crystal: So Mariko got... what did you get?

  • Mariko: Southern Chicken BLT.

  • Crystal: Southern Chicken BLT. Looks very good.

  • Crystal: And I got Tour De France, I think. With fried egg on top and I love fried egg on top.

  • Crystal: I am the messiest eater in the world.

  • Crystal: Mariko's eating really nice and clean.

  • Crystal: So I was thinking about getting this Red Velvet Cupcake thing but it's just way too much.

  • Crystal: They have like all these other different milkshakes.

  • Crystal: But I'm going with this one. The Triple Chocolate Bread Pudding.

  • Crystal: Do you think I made a good decision?

  • Mariko: Oh yeah.

  • Crystal: Ok.

  • Crystal: So I got my Triple Chocolate Bread Pudding and it's quite big. Oh it's nice and warm tho!

  • Crystal: Just got done eating at the Chocolate Emporium and it was amazing, right?

  • Mariko: Especially the bread pudding.

  • Crystal: Oh yeah, the bread pudding was top notch.

  • It was the best thing that we ordered.

  • Mariko: Oh yeah!

  • Crystal: So good.

There's the chocolate factory we're going to!


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