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  • the protests do continue in the u.s. now more peacefully against against the

  • death of George Floyd at the hands of police the protests have spread

  • worldwide - including here in Seoul this weekend our Chuang Jean was there the

  • protesters on Saturday many of them wearing black shirts health signs in

  • both Korean and English calling for an end to racism more than 100 people have

  • gathered here in Seoul to show their solidarity with black lives matter

  • movement and they're marching with one message social justice to support black

  • lives matter yeah because we're sick and tired of all the

  • racism that goes on against especially me as a black person we're just sick and

  • tired of what's going on the protesters were chanting phrases like black lives

  • matter and I can't breathe and though police were on the scene they were able

  • to make their voices heard without any interference the protesters are far from

  • the state of Minnesota where George Floyd was killed but they say their

  • movement is global I mean at the end of the day racism is not a problem that's

  • exclusive and isolated to the United States I think it's a problem in

  • humanity and it's something that needs to be addressed globally I hope we can

  • build a world in which we can breathe even though we live in different

  • countries I think the world we want to live in is the same we'll work together

  • and create a world free of discrimination in Korea more than 120

  • organizations signed a joint statement last Friday paying tribute to George

  • Floyd and criticizing police brutality the government ought yet made an

  • official statement on them or the worldwide movement joangel arirang news

the protests do continue in the u.s. now more peacefully against against the


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ソウル「ブラック・リヴズ・マター」のデモ隊が人種差別撤廃を求める集会を開催 (Seoul 'Black Lives Matter' protesters rally for end to racial discrimination)

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    Mahiro Kitauchi に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日