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- Hey guys, it's Inga.
I am in Tokyo right now,
and specifically at a place
that I've always wanted to come to,
and that is the Muji Hotel Ginza.
Look at this background.
It's amazing.
I love Muji.
I love the whole minimalistic style,
so this is basically a dream come true.
So, what is Muji?
Muji is a Japanese brand.
Usually they sell lifestyle and home goods,
maybe a couple of stationary items,
but over here it's a completely different story.
There are six floors here that are dedicated
just to Muji lifestyle products.
There's a diner, they have their own bakery
where they actually make their own baked goods,
and then they have the salon
where you can have cocktails and coffees.
They also sell fresh groceries here,
and they make their own bento boxes.
Super cool.
But this time we're here specifically
to check out the hotel rooms,
so I hope you guys are ready
for some really Marie Kondoesque shots,
'cause it's going to be super minimalistic,
super satisfying, and just really relaxing.
(gong reverberating)
(soothing music)
The space, like the moment you step in,
it just feels serene.
I don't know, that's how I felt anyways,
probably because everything they use in the room
is also natural materials,
and also the color palette is just so ...
It's like tan, and white, and gray.
It's very neutral and natural colors I would say,
which kind of contributes to that feeling
of just being so at peace.
Let's talk amenities.
What's really cool about living
in a Muji hotel room is you get a lot of Muji products.
Almost everything you use in the room you can actually buy.
For example, the tea that's in the fridge.
Can we also just talk about the drawers?
The drawers were just so neatly organized.
Every little product had its own little corner in the shelf.
I don't know, it just gave me
that sense of satisfaction again.
And then there's also an aroma diffuser,
which I love and I personally use a lot.
Also, what's really cool too is that
they actually provide you with pajamas and also slippers.
You can actually take them home with you.
It's not a one time use slipper,
it's one that you can use as many times as you like.
And then the bathroom, the bathtub is huge.
I think you can fit like four people in that bathtub.
Bathroom amenities, again, same concept
of everything has its little place in the drawer,
and then they provide so many things.
There was cleansing oil, and then there was a toner
and a moisturizing cream, comb or a brush,
obviously toothbrush, toothpaste, Q-tips, a razor.
They're all Muji products that you can also buy.
So, the best thing about the rooms here too
is they're kind of like a middle tier price point.
It's super high quality stuff,
but your wallet doesn't have to suffer that much.
So, overall I think this experience was great.
I had really high expectations coming in
and I feel like it was everything I dreamed of and more,
so if you guys ever come by Tokyo
and you're trying to look for a place to stay
this might be a really cool place to check it out.
And actually, even if you can't stay at the hotel rooms,
their salon is open for all guests.
If you guys want more information
check out the link below.
I'm gonna go grab another drink at the salon,
so I'll see you guys next time.
(mellow music)


I Went To The Muji Hotel In Tokyo, Japan

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