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  • Get over here, okay you, little kid you're here, your buddy's right here

  • You just stand there and react, don't say anything, especially you

  • Alright people!

  • Thats pretty funny

  • Lock it up, we're going for picture

  • Get your fucking hands off me

  • Fuck off, will ya

  • Alright, on the count of three, we rush these Fucks and beat the shit out of them

  • Cause if they're all fucked up they can't make that movie, right, ready

  • One, two, THREE

  • "Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season" scene 16 take 5

  • Think about the paycheck

  • Okay

  • So... action Gus or

  • Jesus Ben, I said I'm busy, busy

  • Yeah I do remember the class but frankly, I found it "Rather" Elementary

  • I remember that class, I was just between Recess and Lunch

  • Are we gonna have a problem AGAIN

  • I was STILL just HOPING you might be able to give me a little insight into the SOUTHERN COLONIES, you see, Wood says

  • What did I say, what did I tell you, you'd be back in here, regurgitating Gordon Wood but you forgot about Vicus

  • NO, I just read VICUS so I'm up on inherited wealth Hunting but you're no longer the angry, brilliant young mind you once were

  • Just, itching to vent your frustrations. Ya stopped hitting the books with a Vengeance and now I've read shit you haven't even heard about yet

  • Face facts my friend, your just no longer that good

  • Will Hunting!

  • Now how do YOU like, dem apples

  • I don't like the sound of them apples Will, What are we gonna do!

  • Chuckie

  • Yeah

  • It's Hunting Season

  • Apple sauce Bitch!

Get over here, okay you, little kid you're here, your buddy's right here


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ジェイとサイレント・ボブの逆襲 (9/12) Movie CLIP - グッド・ウィル・ハンティング2:ハンティング・シーズン (2001) HD (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (9/12) Movie CLIP - Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season (2001) HD)

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