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-Hands up! -Don't shoot!
-Hands up! -Don't shoot!
-Hands up!
I'm tired of my black men and my black women being shot, being killed by the NYPD! I'm tired of it!
I have three black men in my home!
I'm tired! I am tired!
My black brothers and sisters are being shot, being killed for no reason!
I am tired!
-You know, I just felt as if, you know, that I was just another person -- You know what I'm saying?
-- who just needed to fill a space, to let, you know, let them know that, you know, this type of shit is not gonna be tolerated.
And I know it happened -- You know what I'm saying?
-- out there, in the West, in the South.
But, at the same time, this is the same thing that has happened in New York.
-Look at any regime change.
There's an old saying, "You destroy that which is already built, to rebuild."
-It doesn't have to be violent.
It doesn't have to be destructive, you know?
But we know that this is something that is not gonna go unnoticed, because tomorrow it could be me.
It could be my brother, it could be my son.
My son is 12 years old.
-This is a system that is layered and layered and layered and layered, dating back over 400 years --over 200 years in this country.
We have to start at picking away the pieces.
Talk about police brutality, there has to be punitive measures.
When things of that nature happen, especially what happened in Minnesota, the police need to be penalized.
[Indistinct shouting]
-Go, go, go, go!
-Violence is not the key all the time.
Violence is not the way to go.
The NYPD have their job to do, and so do we.
As black people in this black community, we have to understand that the police got their job to do.
We could protest, and protest peacefully.
All this burning down the stuff is not called for.
-You know, this is -- this is just ridiculous.
Why is this happening?
We are getting killed in massive numbers by the people who are supposed to serve and protect us.
Our tax dollars pay for them.
What does it say? "CPR -- courtesy, professionalism, and respect."
There is no courtesy, there is no professionalism, and they damn sure don't come with no respect.
-Let them through.


Black New Yorkers say they're 'tired' of injustice as turbulent protests rage on

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