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When you go to your favorite restaurant after a hard long days of work and you take that first bite into your favorite meal
you feel great. When you get an amazing grade after studying for that exam that you pulled
two all nighters for you feel amazing. And when you get that promotion that you've been
eyeing at for a couple of years already, you feel phenomenal. But even when you open up
your laptop and you go on some raunchy website, and you masturbate to porn, you feel good
too. These are all rewards. But the thing about the act of PMO (watching porn, masturbating,
and eventually reaching orgasm) that separates itself from the rest of the crowd , is the
fact that you don't really have to work for it. It is virtually effortless to obtain.
Let's put things into perspective. In order to get that satisfying feeling that comes
with getting a good grade, you have to go to class. You have to take semi-decent notes.
And eventually you have to study. This requires a significant amount of time and effort. Watching
porn on the other hand is easy. You open up your laptop and you click your mouse a couple
of times until you find a video that you like. And instantaneously you can reward yourself
with pleasure. On top of that, porn and masturbation triggers one of the most powerful and pleasureful
rewards your body can naturally give itself, the orgasm. It's a reward that is normally
only achievable by meeting a potential mate, coming off as an attractive mate, and eventually
growing the balls to make a move and having sex. Nowadays it's available at the click
of a button. If you could get an A on any test by just clicking a button would you ever
put in the time to study? If you could lose weight or gain muscle with the click of a
button, would you ever go to the gym? Would you ever adjust your diet? If you could get
any girl or guy with the click of a button, would you go out and socialize? Would you
try to make yourself more attractive? Would you even approach members of the opposite
sex? See people who masturbate and watch porn a lot often report lower levels of motivation
and energy. This is because one of the most pleasurable things in nature is already in
arms reach, at the CLICK OF A BUTTON. There's been a movement in the past couple of years
that's gathered a lot of momentum going on called the NoFap movement. It's members try
to resist the temptations of porn and masturbation , that is literally plastered all over the
place in modern society. The majority of it's members who stop PMO for over 30 days have
reported some of the following benefits. Increased levels of motivation. Increased energy levels.
And increased confidence in social interactions. See when you tell your body that, "No, you're
only ever going to get this tasty, beautiful, pleasureful reward if you actually go out
there and earn it," your body will start to adjust so that it becomes possible. It's going
to give you the energy and the motivation that you need for that journey. So stop rewarding
yourself today for doing absolutely nothing and you will see a change. And it's not just
watching porn that can have this effect. There's other rewards out there that can have a similar
detrimental effect to your lifestyle. Things like sugary foods, video games, drugs, and
even alcohol. These things are all forms of instant gratification. They're to easy to
obtain and they provide short bursts of pleasure. And the reason people who do NoFap find themselves
on the path of success or on a path of upward growth, is not just because they don't watch
porn or masturbate. It's actually because they've retaught themselves how to put in
TIME and EFFORT before reaping REWARDS. To put in work in order to succeed. To exercise
in order to feel healthy. To study in order to feel smarter. To meditate in order to feel
happier and many other examples. What members of NoFap are actually doing, is they're forcing
themselves TO SUCCEED in order to FEEL PLEASURE. When you reward yourself for doing nothing
all of the time, you'll find that your mentality will be just like that of a dog who is given
too many treats. Lazy and Unmotivated.
Ask yourself this:


Why The People Of NoFap Become Successful

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