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  • What do you guys want to do for lunch?

  • I don't know, candy?

  • Good morning, I'm the new nanny.

  • Mary Poppins you came!

  • Indeed, now where are my charges?

  • Duh, we're right here!

  • Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that I would be looking after some children?

  • Oh, I wrote that--we need help Mary Poppins.

  • We're terrible at adulting.

  • Adulting?

  • Yeah, you know, doing grown-up stuff.

  • Like going to the doctor, cooking, paying taxes.

  • Cars.

  • Cars--just the concept of cars?

  • Right, yes I do see that you do need my help.

  • So, ah let's start with some tidying.

  • There's cleaning to be done but we can have some fun, ♪

  • Why are you still sitting there not doing anything? ♪

  • Oh, we don't clean.

  • You don't clean?

  • No, we're grown-ups. There's no one forcing us to do mundane life things, so we don't.

  • How did all this fit in there?

  • Good little girls don't go through other people's things.

  • I'm not a girl.

  • If you won't clean, let's start with something else.

  • When was the last time any of you went to the dentist?

  • See your dentist once a year and you will have no fear

  • Where do I find a dentist?

  • Oh your insurance provider should have a list of the...

  • Is there a difference between a preferred provider and a participating provider?

  • Practically perfect plan participants provide people plenty...

  • Oh, I got frustrated and started watching fails.

  • Well, did you at least eat anything today?

  • I had, um, three cookies?

  • I had a flavored condom.

  • I had Grant's left-overs.

  • Okay, so why don't I teach you all how to make yourselves a balanced dinner?

  • ♪ A simple cup of rice

  • What are you looking for now?

  • I'm looking to see if there's like cereal or something I can eat instead of cooking.

  • Like a Think Thin?

  • Making cereal doesn't count as cooking.

  • Cooking is boring!

  • Lots of adult things are boring, you do them anyway.

  • I mean, you don't enjoy paying your power bill, do you?

  • You do pay your power bill, don't you?

  • LADWP it powers you and me, hello! ♪

  • I'm making all these up on the spot, it's quite impressive.

  • You can't swing into a river on a rope.

  • No way!

  • It never works.

  • What is wrong with you?

  • Well...

  • Mary Poppins you know we, ♪

  • Lack accountability, when you grow up, ♪

  • Ally, get out of my bag!

  • There's someone in here!

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What do you guys want to do for lunch?


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大人のためのメリー・ポピンズ (Mary Poppins for Adults)

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