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  • Come on, Chandler.

  • I want this part so much.

  • Just one kiss. I won't tell anyone.

  • Joey, no means no.

  • - Hey, hi. - Hey.

  • I'm sorry. W-we don't have your sheep.

  • Oh, Rach, I think you look cute.

  • And you, huh! You..

  • You I could eat with a spoon.

  • Get away from me. I said no.

  • Hey, guys, Richard buzzed. He's waiting downstairs.

  • Oh, Richard's here?

  • I should run down and say goodbye to him.

  • - Bye. Good luck. - Bye.

  • So, how's your date with your cyber-chick going?

  • Ooh, hey, what is all that?

  • Oh, it's a web site.

  • It's the Guggenheim Museum.

  • See, uh, she likes art, and...I like funny words.

  • [clears throat]

  • What does she mean by "HH"?

  • It...means we're holding hands.

  • Are you the cutest?

  • I'm afraid I might just be.

  • You know what I think is so great?

  • That you are totally into this person

  • and yet, for all you know, she could be, like

  • 90 years old or have two heads, or..

  • could be a guy.

  • Okay, it's not a guy, alright?

  • I know her.

  • It could be, like, a big, giant guy.

  • Man, I got this close to him

  • and Monica kneed me in the back.

  • What's going on?

  • We were just wondering if Chandler's girlfriend's a girl.

  • Oh, just ask her how long she's going to live.

  • Women live longer than men.

  • How do you not fall down more?

  • Okay, ask her what is her

  • current method of birth control.

  • Alright.

  • [clears throat]

  • "My husband is sleeping with his secretary."

  • She's married?

  • Well, at least we know she's a woman.

  • I can't believe she's married.

  • Oh, man, I'm sorry.

  • This must be really tough for you, huh?

Come on, Chandler.


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