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I had this thought a few days ago
that life seems really like a game.
Everyone starts at level one when they're born.
They make memories, and start to think.
They get influenced in good ways by the people around them
just as a game character learns and grows.
But given my personality
instead of choosing just one line of work 9
I want to experience various types of occupations.
[EP. 05 Even If We Face an Unknown Path]
[NEW YORK 01.08.2020 01:30 PM]
Oh I'm so excited..
It's nice to be out again in a while.
- Wow it's so.. - Even though it's just an ordinary park
- It's so nice. - it has a different mood to it
When we arrived we didn't actually start with a performance
We were doing various kinds of promotion and spending a break of sorts
Oh the weather is perfect!
It's perfect for a walk.
It has been a long time since we've visited the U.S.
and because I love the atmosphere and vibe there so much
I felt like I was bursting with enthusiasm.
It's here!
It is, right?
Let's go!
It's here.
We weren't originally intending to go to that place.
When we'd gone to New York before for a different performance
we'd visited the pizza place because we heard that it was good.
We were just aimlessly wandering about when all of a sudden we were standing right in front of it.
So we impulsively went in. I wanted to eat some with everyone.
I think it was a moment when we were able to enjoy that American vibe properly.
We each got one.
Got the exact number.
Hey stop filming now!
Stop filming.
Anyhow the people around me
are all people that work with us, for our sake.
So I feel a lot of affection for them
and I feel that SEVENTEEN is a group that receives the greatest amount of such care.
In a sense, it feels like we're paying back
what we'd received rather than giving something.
[NEW YORK 01.09.2020 09:00 AM]
Time just goes by so fast when you sleep.
We feel pretty pressured by time.
It's actually our third day on hiatus and time just keeps passing.
If we'd at least done something, something would have been accomplished.
Not doing that and resting, was that really the best decision?
I do think about that.
That's why I try to go out of my way
to learn something or experience something new.
I think it's been seven weeks since we last performed our Ode to You set. 56
We'll do the full set, and after that I have a feeling
that the rest will go through smoothly.
We'll be doing a full run-through today.
We look forward to your kind cooperation.
Why are we all running through the LEDs?
Where are the people who usually run to the sides?
Why is everyone running that way?
What happened?
You can spread out a bit more here.
- A tiny bit more. - I'm standing a bit oddly.
- But the order is also... - I know, that'll mess up the order.
If this is one, two, and three, that's a bit odd.
And we'll do the award ceremony version for this, right?
We were a group of 11 in that version.
Oh right, that's 11 people.
We practiced for that.
We practiced and decided to do it.
Oh right, do we have to talk through the lines with Joshua?
We did our Japanese tour up to November.
In December, we prepared for various concerts and the award ceremony
then we went back to the U.S. in January, right?
That one-month gap really did make us forget some of the parts
and the stage was also different.
The size was different and all, so we were confused about a lot of things.
We did a U.S. tour in 2017
and we felt so many things from that
and all the concerts we did then were so memorable.
But because the scale got bigger now
we had this huge desire to show how much we'd grown as well.
The rehearsal was pretty hectic
but I think we tried our best to prepare
and as a result, the rehearsals were really long, weren't they?
There was a lot of delay as well.
Everyone, you did so much hard work!
Nice work!
Our members are the best!
Nice work!
Whenever I'm asked what the members of SEVENTEEN are like
I always reply that they are like family. They really are like that now.
There are points on which we don't get along, of course, that happens with even my mother
and my father.
But regardless
a family is a family.
I feel that even when I grow old, turning 60 then 100
these people will always be by my side, and I hope that will happen.
They are all such lovely people, all 12.
When I look at them
they are just lovely.
Instead of sleeping right away on the day before to manage my energy
I talked with the staff after completing the day's schedule 107
or occupied myself with a hobby
and such things gave me a lot of energy.
I think I draw whenever I have the time
which isn't often, so I don't get to draw that much.
When I'm in a good mood
or when I want to immerse myself in a hobby, I think I draw on purpose.
I read a lot of things like life advice.
I learned that most people want to emulate someone
who has very clear standards of his/her own, instead of a person
who's universally regarded as just nice.
That's what I read.
Reading that, the first person that came to mind was Mingyu.
Anyhow, everyone will be so excited today!
It's going to be a very hot performance.
It's all different.
There are some people who see us in awe
but today's audience doesn't feel that way
Today it feels like an audience that loves our music have come to listen to and enjoy our songs.
So I think it's going to be a bit fun when we sing exciting songs.
Okay! Guys!
I think I'm going to be hyped up today! What should I do!
What are you going to do!
We can do it!
Yeah! We can do it!
One, two, three!
We can do it!
I sometimes found myself thinking,
If I'm enjoying my work, isn't that the same thing as playing?
Someone might look at a concert and say that it is work
But I could be playing, sharing my energy and my passion
Someone might think I'm getting on a plane due to a schedule
but if I think of it slightly differently
I can feel that excitement of getting on a plane for a trip
I've been thinking recently that stifling emotional differences can change the quality of my life.
My dream is to later invite all the SEVENTEEN fans all over the world
Invite them personally, and perform for them.
Just thinking about it drives me crazy.
It's such an amazing thought.
- Can I go and greet them? - Yes.
Bye bye~!
[TIMES SQUARE 01.10.2020 11:30 PM NEW YORK]
Frankly I'm a little bit tired..
- I mean, it's only right to admit that if I am tired, right? - Hey now, Mr. Artist..
Wait, what are you doing?
Your makeup needs a bit of touching up..
Oh it's fine, it's fine.
- Even though I'm a little bit tired, still.. - You're good, you look perfect.
We must do it.
- Here we go~ - Alright let's do it quick! Do it quick!
So I just need to walk?
Yeah walk over!
Now, go!
That's so fast.
You're right. What was really up with that?
I have no idea why we started to film that music video either.
I started learning while we were in Japan.
It was my first time learning it, and it was so fun
And by the time the Japanese tour was over, I was thinking that I wanted to try something of my own.
So it began as a joke that I'd try it out when we're in the U.S.
and started it.
That's like a serious attention seeker.
Not staying in one spot, but moving from place to place like this..
Why aren't you doing it? The thing we filmed..
Oh do you want to take a look?
- Did it turn out okay? - You're too fast right now!
I'm doing this right now!
- It's different from filming. - We'll start right away!
Cheer up Dino!
When I first started to learn about filming
my footage didn't have a lot of people in it.
But I realized that I have so many people around me to film.
There's 12 of them.
So I thought it'd be a great idea to put something into a video with them
and make some content that the fans would like
so we started filming 'Snap Shoot'.
I think I've discovered a hobby that I genuinely like.
I wasn't able to find an answer to the question, "What's your goal?"
It might seem really stupid to not have a goal
but I don't have one.
If I just keep going, won't I find myself going beyond such goals?
[This moment, this unwavering first step, will mark the beginning of something great.]
Got it! Joshua's in the waiting room right now!


EP. 05 미지의 길을 마주하더라도 | SEVENTEEN : HIT THE ROAD

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