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Oh, I'm, I'm so sorry to bother you, but is that the breakfast platter?
I was actually thinking about ordering that.
Is it good?
It's actually really good!
Great, I'm just gonna try a little taste if you don't mind.
Yeah, that is good.
Yeah, I think I might order that.
Let me actually see what else first.
That looks really good too!
You don't mind if I have a little piece do you?
You're out for a bite to eat when you see a stranger at another table who cannot decide what to order.
And she wants to use your food to help her choose.
Do you let her have a little bite, or do you chew her out and tell her, "hands off!".
What Would You Do?
No... sorry, that's a little weird.
What's wrong? Didn't your mom ever teach you how to share?
It's breakfast time at the Silver Skillet, an Atlanta institution for more than 50 years.
The restaurant prides itself on its good food and good service.
But will this morning's customers be good sports when Elizabeth tries to sample their food?
Do you mind if I try some? Before I order mine?
At first, Elizabeth's requests seem to order up some confusion.
-You got Cheesy Grits Before? -Yes.
I haven't had cheesy grits before, believe it or not.
-I recommend it. -Okay.
Cheese grits are great.
Maybe I can have a little taste when yours gets here.
This father and son look away uncomfortably.
So I know if I like it before I order it.
But when their food arrives...
Ooh yes! That looks really good!
They have no problem offering her a taste.
-Oh, thank you so much! -They share a bite.
But what'll happen when Elizabeth moves right in to their booth?
I can't believe I've never had cheesy grits before.
Miss, can I have a plate?
Thank you.
Yeah, you gotta try some of this pork chop.
Ahh, thank you.
-I've actually... -Just a little bit, just a little bit. Thank you so much!
She makes herself a member of the family.
And you got an omelet?
Can i have a bite?
Ooh, these biscuits are nice and hot.
Without asking, she even dips her biscuit into his grits.
Thank you.
You've gotta try it with gravy too.
Right? I mean...
You guys are the sweetest, thank you so much.
No problem.
Why did they let her crash their party?
Cause we're good people.
Food is essential, food is love, and she seemed like a nice person.
But you were so giving to her.
I have nieces and nephews, probably her age, and I'm sitting here thinking, "Oh, maybe she doesn't have the money to order, so, why not?".
I just know that if a friend of mine needed some food and wanted to try it I would let them try it for sure.
Even if she double dipped into your sauce?
Listen, I'm a serial double dipper, I don't even mind.
And they're not the only food-friendly folks in Atlanta.


「モニタリング」のアメリカ版|注文前に、他のお客さんの料理を試食する人…あなたならどうする?(Customer Tries Other Patron's Meals Before Ordering | What Would You Do? | WWYD)

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