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  • Hi guys! Welcome back on my channel. My name is Charlotte.

  • I am super happy you are joining me again for a new episode ofTaiwan in the international news”.

  • I do not know if you know this, but I am a quarter part Dutch because my grandfather is from the Netherlands.

  • The article I want to talk about today was published in a Dutch newspaper calledDe Telegraafon the 28th of April.

  • The title that I will translate for you is: “China unhappy about the Netherlands' decision concerning Taiwan”.

  • China unhappy about the Netherlands' decision concerning Taiwan

  • Before we start, I would like to thank you all because I saw that the previous videoDon't go to Taiwanreactionhas 200.000 views!!

  • I can not believe it! That is a crazy amount. I can not even imagine so many people

  • Thank you so much for encouraging me, pushing me forward, …

  • I am so happy that you enjoy the content I make. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • I hope you are all comfortable and maybe you can get some hot tea, like me?

  • We are going to dive right into the article.

  • China expects clarifications from the Netherlands regarding their decision to change the name of the diplomatic representation in Taiwan, seen as China as one of its provinces.

  • The Dutch Bureau of Trade and Investments in Taiwan has announced a name change on Monday toDutch Bureau Taipei”.

  • The relation between Taiwan and The Netherlands has improved considerately in the past years and became more than just a trade partnership according to Guy Wittich.

  • According to Peking, countries are not allowed to have an embassy in either China or Taiwan.

  • The representation of Australia and the UK in Taiwan have previously made similar name changes.

  • The Chinese government owned newspaper Global Times has called this action of the Netherlands provocative and said they will likely face negative consequences.

  • They wrote that the embassy in Den Hague has asked for clarifications to the Ministry of foreign affairs.

  • The Taiwanese minister of foreign affairs Joseph Wu praised the name-change

  • and said that the relationship between Taiwan and the Netherlands will continue growing, according to the Taiwanese media.

  • In a video message, Wittich thanked Taiwan for the donation of face masks and stated that the trade between the 2 countries has doubled in the last five years.

  • I am not sure if you heard about the name-change from the Dutch representation in Taiwan.

  • I have heard about it through Instagram, because I follow some pages that share news from Taiwan.

  • I have not seen it in the Belgian media yet, so I was happy to find it in the Dutch media

  • Because I thought this article was interesting to share. Personally, I am very curious to know what China means with:

  • There will be consequences”.

  • I think it is very brave from the Netherlands to take such an action when they know that China will consider thisprovocative”.

  • I think it is a brave action and it is very good for the future relationship between Taiwan and the Netherlands.

  • What do you think? Do you know what the consequences will be?

  • The article says that the United Kingdom and Australia have done a similar name-change before

  • I wonder if they had some harsh consequences after doing that? Let me know if you know more than me.

  • It is time to read some of your comments on the previousTaiwan International newsvideo about Taiwan developing new tests.

  • One person writes: “Taiwan's epidemic prevention is successful because Taiwan is an island, but Taiwan is not the only island in the world.

  • Taiwan 's population density is one of the best in the world.

  • Taiwan 's epidemic prevention comes from the transparency of government information and the willingness of people to cooperate

  • I think that that is important. If the people are supporting the measures of the government in a country,

  • It will be so much more successful. What happened in some European countries, is that even though there is a lockdown,

  • There are still some people who do not take it seriously and they havelockdown parties” (there is a name for those parties)

  • I think cooperation is very important indeed.

  • Eric Tsai writes: “That's right, the government should honestly inform that the masks are seriously inadequate and need to be left to the medical staff most in need,

  • instead of lying that the masks are useless. In order to achieve the right goal and use the wrong means,

  • even if the goal is temporarily achieved, it also hurts the credibility of the government. Outweigh the gains.”

  • I agree that the government (even when they think they know what is best for the population)

  • It is not a good idea to lie because later there is less trust in the government.

  • Allen79224 writes: “Congrats for reaching up to 20K subscribers and it's going to hit more and more!!!!”

  • Thank you so much Allen, I still cannot believe it… 20.000?!

  • That is so much! Honestly, I would not be able to do any of it without you all. You are the ones who watch my videos

  • You are always so positive and keep encouraging me.

  • I feel like I found a big, warm family on YouTube and it makes me want to come back with new videos over and over again.

  • Thank you all for being there for me.

  • If you stayed this far in the video, you are awesome!

  • Let us find a “code word” …

  • Bubble tea!

  • If you saybubble teain the comments I know you watched until the end.

  • Thank you so much for watching. Do not forget tolikeandsubscribe

  • I hope to see you soon in the next video. Have a great weekend ~ Bye bye!

Hi guys! Welcome back on my channel. My name is Charlotte.


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