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  • The spring semester has certainly changed dramatically for the class of 2020.

    2020 年度に卒業する生徒たちにとって、春学期は確かに劇的な変化がありました。

  • COVID-19 is canceling or postponing major milestones that all of us enjoyed when we were in high school.

    COVID-19 は、私たちが高校生だった頃にみんなで楽しんだ主要なイベントを、キャンセルしたり延期したりしています。

  • Tonight our Jennie Runevitch talks with a Crawfordsville student who has now written a moving song for her fellow seniors.


  • This is "Here's to You, Class of 2020."

    これは「あなたたちへー2020 度卒業生」です。

  • Music has the power to heal when we're hurting, and unite what's been divided.


  • Remember on our first day, walking through the hallways


  • When we can write a song about it and put it to music, that justthat solves everything.


  • And now we're in the last year, yeah, we should be there, surrounded by our friends


  • It's why Crawfordsville senior Abby Bannon and her friend penned lyrics about the losses of senior year.


  • But we'll have to leave it all behind


  • As a way to cope with the curveball, none of her classmates expected.


  • Everybody can relate in some way.


  • Like all the seniors can relate to this.


  • Bannon and student athlete and class president is one of so many seniors whose last year of high school's been cut short by the coronavirus.

    バノンと学校のスポーツ選手、そして学級委員は、このコロナウイルスの影響で高校最後の年が短くなってしまった生徒たちの 1 人です。

  • Quarantines, e-learning days, an empty Athenian parking lot...

    隔離生活、E ラーニングの日々、空っぽの駐車場・・・

  • The milestones of that make memories for all teenagers won't happen for them.


  • Like senior proms, senior skip days, senior prank, graduation, most likely.


  • I mean, it has affected every aspect of this senior year that you have always dreamed of and hoped for and thought about, like basically my entire life.


  • She realized missing high school moments is not the worst that could happen, especially during a health crisis.


  • Obviously this stinks and we are missing out on lot, but there are so many better days ahead.


  • And so many other things for us to look forward to.


  • College in the fall, careers after that.


  • But for now, it's an emotional loss seniors and their families are facing.


  • And Abby's song, shared thousands of times in just two days, has resonated with all of them.

    そして、わずか 2 日間で数千回もシェアされたアビーの曲は、彼らすべてに共鳴しました。

  • Abby plans to study business and music in college in Nashville this fall.


  • If you like to hear the entire song, we've got a link with the story on

    この曲を全編聞きたい場合は、 のストーリーへのリンクをご利用ください。

The spring semester has certainly changed dramatically for the class of 2020.

2020 年度に卒業する生徒たちにとって、春学期は確かに劇的な変化がありました。

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