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Why, of course I'll dispose of your unwanted bureau, Sue Sue.
It's the least a gentleman can offer.
That's my good deed for the week.
Who goes there?
I'm not afraid to use this!
Oh, hi, George!
Good afternoon, Polly?
It's Holly.
Ah, right.
Castoff decor?
I didn't know you had such eclectic style.
Well, enjoy the new furniture, Molly.
Holly, and it's not for me.
Tam hired me for odd jobs to work off my mortgage.
It's not enough.
I sell whatever I can find; shirts, apples, bugs, hoping to one day free myself of this soul-crushing debt.
How vexatious.
Vexatious: adjective, distressing.
I'm a three-time spelling bee champion.
You're a courier?
Not really.
How serendipitous.
See that variegated dresser?
Variegated: adjective, a variety of colors in patches or streaks.
Sue Sue, that lovely hen yonder, is in dire need of fixtures.
This brill chiffonier may be just the thing!
Brill, adject--
Quickly now.
Is that a K.K. Glide song?
Did Sue Sue receive her gift?
She hated it.
"That's it, last straw broken!"
Do you want to come over to my house?
Enticing, but I desperately need a Dung Beetle!
Can you help?
I don't have a bug net.
And that is going to stop you?
I guess I mistook us for friends.
That's not what I meant; I can do it!
I did it!
Dung beetles aren't in season!
Would you like some help?
Thank you for your assistance today.
Please take this as a token of gratitude.
I look forward to building better rapport with you, erm, Holly.
Rapport: noun, a close, harmonious relationship.
Hey, yo, allow me to introduce myself.
The name's Skipsalot, Miss Skipsalot, since I am a respected member of this community.
Perhaps we've met before, likely you are mistaking me for some other burrowing creature.
For that you are forgiven.
I'm here to thank you, thank you for viewing this content.
On behalf of everyone from Crossing and ArcadeCloud I--
What, what is that, what are you trying to say?
I can't read that small, jagged hand-writing.
Doesn't matter.
Just like and subscribe for more fun, ridiculous viewings.
Are you happy now?
I said what you wanted, no disrespect, but I'm leaving, capisce?
Okay, bye.


【あつ森】英語でアニメ|うるさい住人 (Animal Crossing: Neighbors & The Dump (New Horizons Animation))

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