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  • Welcome to the NintendoCade channel, I am Danny.

  • With Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can experience different surprise events on your

  • island paradise.

  • There is one particular event that does not happen on a scheduled basis and thought would

  • be helpful for players out there looking for it.

  • The game does have a surprise event where you can get Star Fragments.

  • It is a necessary material used for certain DIY Recipes.

  • In this episode, I will tell you exactly how you can get Star Fragments in Animal Crossing

  • New Horizons.

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  • Alright, let's get right into it.

  • In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, to get Star Fragments, a Meteor Shower event needs to

  • happen on your island.

  • You will know it is happening when Tom Nook makes his dailyisland-wide broadcast

  • mentioning that it is taking place.

  • Keep in mind that these are random events and will be different for everyone as to when

  • it will occur.

  • But, when Tom Nook confirms it will happen on any given day, the Meteor Shower will show

  • up during the night time.

  • You will be able to see stars shooting across the distant night sky.

  • Perform a wish upon a shooting star for this to work.

  • Make sure to unequip any item you are holding and quickly press the “A” button on your

  • controller to make a wish when you see or hear the shooting star.

  • I suggest you do as many as you can because the number of Star Fragments you get is based

  • on how my wishes you make.

  • I want to point out that, you can also visit a friend or family's island when a Meteor

  • Shower takes place and perform the same action mentioned earlier.

  • When you finish making your wishes, wait until the next day to receive the Star Fragments.

  • You will find them scattered on the beach of your island.

  • Be sure to check every beach to collect them all.

  • Apparently, there are 2 types to collect, there are the regular star fragments and a

  • large star fragments, which are blue and apparently bigger in size.

  • The way to obtain them is the same, except that it is rarer to find.

  • That's all there is to getting Star Fragments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

  • You can use them to craft those unique items that requires them.

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  • I am Danny from the NintendoCade channel, thank you for watching and I will catch you

  • on the next episode.

Welcome to the NintendoCade channel, I am Danny.


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とびだせどうぶつの森の星のかけらの入手方法 (HOW TO GET Star Fragments in Animal Crossing New Horizons)

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