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Entry No.15, Masato Sasaki
Otaku 2.0
Excuse me, everyone.
Do you have an iPhone?
One of the most popular functions of the iPhone, the LED light.
It is very convenient.
Please look closely!
This icon!
The switch moves!
Did you know that?
And, the Mac has some cool design features too.
What do you do first? when you buy a Mac.
In my case, I look at the bottom.
What do I look at?
The screws.
These screws.
This screw has grooves in it.
Apple cut these grooves into the screws, and keep the beauty of their appearance.
As you may have noticed, I am an Apple otaku.
What comes to mind when you hear the word “Otaku”?
Especially in Japan, “Otaku” gives a bad impression.
I looked up the word “Otaku” in a Japanese dictionary, and the dictionary said
“they are only interested in one thing or one field, and they are knowledgeable about it,
but they lack common sense and social skills.”
Why do Japanese dictionaries deny Otaku as a part of Japanese culture!
It is true that at first, I enjoyed simply using Apple products,
Me at age 1!
but gradually, I became interested in things that were both useful and beautiful,
and I started to think that I want to make something like that.
When I was a 3rd-year student in junior high school, I took a step.
I took part in a JUKU-IKU program, I met a lecturer.
His name is Mr. Fon.
He is electronic publishing chief of an IT company.
We discussed a lot of things about the state of IT.
This led to a very unexpected turn of events.
He talk about me to many people he knew.
And he introduced me to them.
I did not want let this opportunity slip.
I moved to action.
I visited IT companies, and I took part in an IT idea contest.
Before I realized it,
My network was spreading.
As a result, A lot of my Facebook friends are guys in their 30s and 40s.
This miracle story took place in the course of half a year,
and it's all thank, to my
“lack of common sense and social skills”.
My otaku power!
An otaku has big powers.
Curiosity and passion.
And if otaku take a step, they can show great power.
like I am right now.
The world keeps changing.
Cultures and values diversify.
And everyday someone thinks of a new thing and produces something.
Peter Druker said, “Today's certainties always become tomorrow's absurdities.”
So, today I am trying to update your meaning of the word otaku.
I think that
an otaku is someone who can break through commonsense with their extraordinary passion.
This may sound difficult.
Being an otaku is very simple.
Find something,
love it,
and take a step.
I call it otaku 2.0.
Thank you.


[高校生 英語プレゼンテーション 2016]【金賞】

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