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Hey guys! So I watched a video called "cats and bell" from cat navi desk and it was
so adorable that it made me want to try with my cats.
Here's how it went.
I taught them to give paw a few years ago so I started with that.
Jun: Oh, that's cheating. That's cheating!
I don't think you need to teach them a paw trick first,
but if you're interested, I have a video about that, too.
I'll put the link in the description.
The first step was to get them to touch the bell.
Jun: Oh! Good boy!
Jun: Can you give me a paw without me giving you paw?
Jun: And then- Nagi: [SNEEZE] Jun: -press it here.
Jun: No no no, this one.
Jun: Nagi, give me your paw.
Jun: Thank you.
Jun: High five!
Jun: Good boy.
Jun: Bell.
Rachel: I can hear his purring from here.
Jun: Bell is here.
Jun: Haku! Give me your paw.
Jun: Gimme paw? This one. Yeah.
Jun: You just gave it to me.
Nagi was definitely the quickest learner.
Jun: Poki, sit.
Jun: Yeah, that's my finger.
Jun: No
Jun: Poki.
Jun: No
Jun: Okay...
Jun: Sit.
Jun: Gimme paw?
Jun: No.
Jun: Gimme paw.
Jun: No!
Jun: Yes!
Jun: Ow.
Jun: Gimme paw.
Jun: Sit!
Jun: Poki, you see- no, not my finger.
Jun: This.
Jun: Ok, you touch it.
Jun: You see the bell?
Jun: You see the bell?
Rachel: He just wants to lick, Jun!
I started trying to teach them with a normal bell
but it was difficult for them to ring
so I switched to a bell that's specifically for pets.
Jun: Ok, give paw.
Jun: So close, so close! You see the bell?
Jun: Nagi, give paw.
The second step was to only reward them if they made the bell ring.
Jun: Give paw.
Jun: Good boy!
Jun: Poki, come here.
Jun: Give paw, yep.
Jun: And then you press it, like that. Okay?
Jun: And you get the food.
Jun: Ok. All right, buddy.
Jun: Poki! Poki, sit.
Jun: Sit.
[Rachel opened the door] Jun: Poki!
Jun: There you go.
Jun: Poki, you're so smart!
Jun: I'm gonna put this on the floor, all right?
Jun: You see the bell? Give me paw.
Step 3 was putting the bell on the floor.
But they would ignore the bell and reach for my hand.
So I kept holding the bell, even though it was on the floor.
Jun: You got it.
Jun: You understand, too?
Jun: Good job.
Jun: You guys are so smart! Okay okay...
Jun: Haku!
Jun: Sit. Give me your paw.
Jun: Paw
Jun: One more time.
Jun: Give paw.
Jun: Haku, up.
Jun: Nagi, high five.
Jun: Yes!
Jun: Nagi, one more time!
Jun: Yes! Good boy.
Step 4 was getting them to ring the bell on their own without me touching it.
Jun: Haku! Remember the bell?
Jun: You're so close!
Jun: Haku, remember the bell?
Jun: Yes! Good boy!
Jun: Here you go.
Jun: Remember how this works? Good boy.
Jun: Nagi, are you full? All right.
Jun: Poki! Come here! Don't be shy.
Jun: Don't be shy.
Jun: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Here you go, sir.
Jun: Poki! Remember? The bell?
Jun: Look at Haku.
Jun: Look at how he gets the food.
Jun: Poki, you're so close.
Jun: Poki, bell?
Jun: There you go! Good job. Good boy.
Jun: Poki, you're done?
Jun: No?
Jun: Are you guys done? Are you guys full?
Jun: Good job!
Jun: Okay, good job.
Jun: Hungry boy. Good job.
Jun: Good job, Poki.
Jun: There you go.
Jun: You want more, too, buddy?
Jun: You guys are so hungry.
For step 5, I decided to test them to see
if they would still ring the bell, even if I wasn't paying attention.
Jun: Okay!
Jun: All right.
Jun: Okay, okay!
Jun: Here you go, here you go.
Jun: There you go.
Jun: Good job, guys! good job.
Jun: I'm gonna hide this now. I have work to do.
Jun: Good job, guys.
And finally, I decided to just have a little fun.
Jun: All right.
Jun: If you ring the jackpot bell, you'll get a lot.
Jun: Would you like to try?
Jun: All right, come here.
Jun: Hi kitties.
Jun: So, this is the one you've been using. It's pretty easy.
Jun: This one is for humans. It's very difficult to ring.
Jun: You have to press it really hard at the right spot.
Jun: Yeah, it's difficult.
Jun: All right, let's give it a try!
Jun: Congratulations!!
Jun: Congratulations!!
Jun: Well, you guys can share.
Jun: Poki!
Jun: Join us.
Jun: All right, enjoy.


うちの猫に鈴を鳴らすことを教える(Teaching my cats to ring a bell)

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