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  • The high priest here is said to have won the lottery at one point.

    ここの高僧はある時 宝くじを引き当てたらしく

  • So that might shed some light on how they, uh,

    それが お金の出所についての 答かも この巨大な仏像のね

  • how they funded this giant statue.

    みなさん おはよう 「日本縦断の旅」のお時間です

  • (cheerful music)

    今日は 九州最大の都市 福岡に来ています

  • Good morning everyone and welcome back to journey across Japan.

    我々は一日だけ 24時間で街を見ていきます

  • Today, we're in Fukuoka City, the largest city in all of Kyushu.

    福岡は九州の最大都市 人口は250万です

  • And we have got just one day, 24 hours to check out the city.

    日本有数のトレンディーな地ともされ 韓国からフェリーでたった1時間

  • Fukuoka is the largest city on the island of Kyushu with the population of 2.5 million.

    僕自身 英語教師の職を終えたら ここに移ろうと思ったこともありました

  • Regarded as one of the trendiest places in Japan, just an hour's ferry ride from South Korea.

    最終的には 断念して 東北の友人との付き合いを取りましたが

  • Even I once considered moving here after finishing my job as an English teacher.

    ラーメンの聖地としても有名で 博多豚骨ラーメン発祥の地です

  • Ultimately opting to stick closer to my friends in North Japan than head south.


  • Known as being one of the nation's ramen capitals, it's home to Hakata Tonkotsu pork broth ramen.


  • Which we'll be devouring along the way.

    そしてこの街の有名で 激アツな屋台村で ディナーを楽しみます

  • We'll also check out one of the largest Buddhist statues in the world,

    この動画が終わるまでにはきっと 福岡に来たら したいこと お小遣いの使い道が多少はわかるはず

  • and enjoy dinner at the city's infamous and intense yatai noodle night market.

    一日のスタートはここ 大濠公園から 街の中心地です

  • Hopefully by the end of this video you'll have some ideas of things to do and


  • how to spend your pocket money the next time you find yourself in Fukuoka.


  • (light music)

    湖にスワンボート そしてスタバ

  • And we start our day here in Ohori Park, in the heart of the city.

    スタバといえば… イェイ アイスコーヒー どうもエレン

  • Which I've quickly decided is my favorite park in Japan.

    まだ見てない方のために 親友のエレンです

  • Because it has the three key ingredients that all good parks need;

    「どうも〜」僕はガイドを 素晴らしい

  • a lake, swan boats, and a Starbucks.

    彼女専用のガイドをタダでやってます タダでね

  • And speaking of Starbucks...yeah iced coffee. Thanks Ellen.


  • Em, for those of you have been watching, this is my good friend Ellen.

    今日で彼女は日本滞在の最終日 どんな気分?

  • -Hello! -I've been her tour guide, her credible


  • bespoke tour guide for free. For free of charge.

    「離れるのが悲しい 超楽しかった」

  • Can you believe that? -Very generous.

    ふっ 超楽しかったって 全然熱の込め方が足りない

  • And this is her last day in Japan. How do you feel?

    街の中心のオアシス 大濠公園は その昔 福岡城のお堀でした

  • - Sad. - Sad?

    実は オオホリという言葉自体 日本語で堀という意味です

  • - It's hard to be leaving. I've had a blast.

    公園は1920年代後半に作られ モデルは伝統的な中国庭園

  • - Heh, I've had a blast. The absolute lack of these out there.


  • (light pop music)

    のんびり過ごせることは 福岡の名声となっています

  • An oasis in the center of the city, Ohori Park was once the moat for

    ただ ここで運動しないと 少し罪悪感を抱くかも

  • Fukuoka Castle.

    周りの人たちは ほぼみんな 体を動かしているように映るからね

  • In fact the word Ohori in Japanese literally means moat.

    こんだけ大濠公園が気に入った理由は 何かって考えていたんだ

  • The part was built in the late 1920s, modeled on a classic Chinese garden.

    多分 地元の人と訪日観光客が 入り混じっているからですね

  • And it's a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

    韓国や台湾にも近くて 公園のあちこちにたくさん観光客がいる

  • And appreciate the laid-back lifestyle at Fukuoka is renowned for.


  • Although you will feel slightly guilty coming to the park if you're not exercising,

    ベンチでくつろぐ夫婦に ハトに餌をやる人

  • given that, that is essentially what everyone else seems to be doing.


  • I've been trying to put my finger on what it is about Ohori Park I like so much.


  • I think it's that there's a mixture of locals of foreign tourists because we're close to

    公園を求めにここに来ていて それが

  • South Korea and Taiwan from here, there's lots of tourists around the park.


  • But no matter where you've stopped and stand and look, you could see a scene unfolding.

    ああ 顔に葉っぱが!

  • There's couples relaxing on benches, there's guys feeding pigeons,

    エレンが午前中 荷物詰めで抜けている間

  • there's people and a whale of a time on a swan boat.

    僕は 街のはずれにある風光明媚なお寺 南蔵院へ向かい

  • People aren't just passing through the park.


  • They're coming here for the park, who you can see that and the way


  • people are currently relaxing and enjoying themselves.


  • Oh my god, leaves in my face.

    でもこれは 初めて目にしたとき このスケールに圧倒されました

  • While Ellen heads off to spend the morning packing her bags,


  • I sneak off to the picturesque Nanzoin Temple on the outskirts of town,


  • to gaze on at one of the largest Buddhist statues in the world.

    でも確かなのは これは ただ とてつもないってこと

  • (peaceful music)


  • (up tempo music)

    全長41m 重さ300トン ジャンボジェットと同じくらいで

  • So I've actually seen the, um, the three historic big Buddhas in Japan,

    この釈迦涅槃像は 歴史ある奈良や鎌倉の ライバルよりずっと大きなサイズ

  • such as the one in Nara and Kamakura.

    一般に 仏像の姿勢は3つに分かれます 坐像 立像 そして臥像です

  • But this one when I turn up and caught my eyes, I was kind of just in awe of the scale of it.

    臥像は 涅槃に入る釈迦の姿をあらわしたもの

  • It isn't historic.

    建立の目的はミャンマーから寄贈された ブッダの遺灰を収めること

  • It was built in 1995.


  • But for me that doesn't stop the fact that this is just, just incredible.

    このくらいの大きさの仏像は よく 地元行政を破産させてきたという話もあり

  • Like it looks beautiful.

    例えば奈良大仏は8世紀 自治政権を破産させかけました

  • The 41 meters long and weighing 300 tons, the same as a jumbo jet


  • the Nehanzo Buddha is far larger than it's more historic rivals in Nara and Kamakura.

    ここの高僧はある時 宝くじを引き当てたらしく

  • Buddhist statues typically come in three poses; Sitting, standing and reclining

    それが お金の出所についての 答えかも この巨大な仏像のね

  • The reclining pose signifies Buddha at the moment of death, passing into nirvana.

    本気で写真家になろうとして なれなかった者として 断言すると

  • And it was constructed to house ashes of the Buddha donated by the country of

    日本で見てきた中で 南蔵院は トップクラスに魅力的で写真に映える寺院です

  • Myanmar as a thank you for the Nanzoin Temples donation medical supplies.

    煙 滝 印象的な仏像が 特別な雰囲気を醸し出します

  • Buddhist statues of this size and scale typically have a reputation for bankrupting

    でも残念な話 近年はその成功の弊害も被っています

  • local governments across Japan.

    この間 寺院は 無礼な観光客がいるため 団体ツアーの禁止を発表

  • Such as the Nara Daibutsu, which actually nearly bankrupted the local government

    水をバシャバシャしたり 大音量で音楽をかけたり さらには

  • in the 8th century.


  • But luckily the Nanzoin Temple is known for its good luck, its good fortune.

    でさ こう言う観光客のことは正しく呼びましょう

  • The, uh, the high priest here is said to have won the lottery at one point.


  • So that might shed some light on how they, uh, how they funded this giant statue.

    ですから 訪れる際は注意してください

  • As someone who's desperately trying and failing to be a photographer,

    忘れちゃいけないのは ここがテーマパークの アトラクションなんかじゃなくて

  • I can safely say Nanzoin is one of the most stunning and photogenic temples

    世界中の仏教徒にとっての 神聖な参拝の場所だってことです

  • I've seen in all my time in Japan.

    仏像について有名なこと 仏陀に触れると運気が上がります

  • Smoke waterfalls and haunting statues add up to a remarkable atmosphere.


  • Unfortunately though, in recent years, it's become a victim of its own success.

    で 面白い話 僕のお腹に触れると 不運がおきます

  • Recently the temple announced a ban on group tours due to disrespectful tourists.


  • Splashing around in the water, playing loud music and even climbing onto

    まあ僕は足を撫でておきます この仏陀は

  • the roof of one of the temples.


  • You know, let's call out these kinds of tourists for what they are;


  • dickheads.

    おお この青銅を感じて

  • So be sure to be mindful when paying a visit.


  • After all it's important to remember that this isn't some sort of theme park attraction.


  • It is a genuine place of worship for Buddhists all around the world.

    これで 終わらない絶望的な 自転車旅も終えられるはず

  • So it's a well known fact with Buddha statues, if you touch a part of the Buddha, it's good luck.


  • Often, it's the stomach.

    博多ラーメンの 濃厚でクリーミーな豚骨スープは

  • And it's a fun fact if you touch my stomach it's bad luck.

    3大ラーメンの種類の一つで 味噌と醤油に並びます

  • I will kill you.


  • But yeah, I'm gonna stroke his feet here, because that's the part of this Buddha


  • that you stroke for your luck.

    ごく普通の博多のお店でしたが 今や 全国で行列を作るチェーンです

  • So with that in mind...


  • Oh, yeah feel that bronze.


  • Feel that bronze premium finish.

    でも僕のように ラーメン愛が 一杯すするだけで おさまらない人は

  • Hopefully that bring me some good luck.


  • That'll help me, help me finish the neverending cycle of despair.

    一から調理の様子が見学でき 歴史も学べます

  • (light music)

    多くのラーメン屋と同様 お店には自販機があり

  • The downtown district in Fukuoka is known as Hakata.


  • And Hakata ramen's thick creamy pork broth is regarded as one of the three


  • iconic variants of ramen alongside miso and soy based broth.

    一蘭の素晴らしいところは 自分専用のカウンターがあるところ

  • One of the restaurants that's been instrumental in spreading


  • the legend of tonkotsu is Ichiran.


  • Once a humble shop in Hakata, today it's a chain that demands queues all across the country.


  • Particularly with foreign tourists.


  • We'll get on to why that might be later on.

    お店によると こんなカウンターの訳は 食事をより楽しむ条件は

  • If like me though, your love of ramen goes beyond simply slurping the dish down,


  • the Ichiran Nomori Museum is a great place to start.


  • Where you can witness the dish being produced from scratch and learn about its history.


  • And like most ramen shops, the restaurant uses a vending machine


  • where you can choose a dish before handing the ticket over to the staff to get

    「正直 慣れない感じよね」

  • proceedings on the way.

    「確かに 食事に完全に集中するって 考えはいいと思ったけど」

  • Best thing about Ichiran Ramen is you have counters, individual counters or to yourself.

    「ウェイターの顔が見れないなんて イギリスじゃ まずないし」

  • So you don't get like annoying people in the way or anything.


  • Op.


  • -Hello.

    一蘭の席に着くとすぐ 長いオーダー用紙が渡されます

  • -Ugh.


  • The reason they have the counters is they say you can just appreciate the food better

    辛さに 麺の固さまで

  • when you're not being distracted by people around you,

    一蘭を除くと ここまでカスタマイズできるところは 日本国内では珍しく

  • including the people serving you the, uh, the food.

    客は 店主が一番よく分かっている レシピをそのまま受け入れます

  • You can't see them either.


  • There's a little bamboo cover stopping you from interacting with them.

    トンコツ特有の濃厚で甘い味わいと ドロッとした見た目を作るのが

  • -It's kind of quite alien.

    豚の骨 最大8時間煮られます

  • I mean, I liked the idea that you can focus on your food completely.

    通常ニンニクが入っています 一蘭のレシピ通り オリジナルのスパイシーな

  • But we don't have something like that in the UK we can't see the service face.

    スープと口当たり良い細麺 チャーシューの上に

  • - Um. - Sometime it feels uncomfortable.


  • -Not personal, yeah.

    全てが色彩と風味の調和を生み出し それらが集まって

  • The moment you sit down at Ichiran, you're given a lengthy sheet of options.


  • From the richness of the sauce and the amount of garlic,


  • to the level of spiciness, and even the texture of the noodles.

    「うん ホントに優しい 繊細な味」

  • Outside of Ichiran, this level of customization is pretty rare in Japan.

    「でも お肉の風味がしっかりスープにある」

  • Where diners are more willing to defer to the chef's recipe as they typically know best.


  • This is really cool, but...

    「繊細で バランスいい」

  • Tonkatsu gets its distinctive rich sweet flavor and cloudy appearance from

    「バランスいい って ダメ それ1語だよ」

  • pork bones, which are boiled for up to eight hours.


  • It's typically infused with garlic, with Ichiran's recipe using an original spicy


  • sauce and smooth thin noodles with slices of braised pork

    「うーん 私が夢見る限りの全て」

  • and chopped spring onions resting on top.

    「単語じゃない! それ全然… ああ」

  • It all adds up to the symphony of colors and flavors that come together to create


  • the mouth-watering dish.

    「ダメだよ YouTubeなんだから」

  • - I'm ready for this.


  • Hmm yeah, it's really really light, quite delicate.


  • Um, but there is quite a kind of meaty flavor in the soup.

    僕は日本では大抵店主のことを 信頼しがちなんだけど

  • - If you can describe the broth in three words, what would those words be?


  • - Delicate and well balanced.


  • - Well balanced, umm no, that's that's one word.


  • That's one descriptive word. - Is it?

    一番の食べ方が 分からないからね

  • - Well one more word

    よくみんなが一蘭のラーメンは日本一とか 言っているのを聞くけど

  • - Mmm, everything I could ever dream of.


  • - That's not a word. That's a... Ugh...

    どのチェーンも 自営で家族経営のお店の クオリティーには勝てません

  • - I won't be limited to three words.

    それでも結構美味しくて 食事の経験全体で見れば 来た価値ありです

  • - You have to be, this is new to you.

    食事中でも物足りなくなったら 箸袋に

  • I did like Ichiran, I do like it.


  • I'm not that bothered about the customizable aspects of it.

    替えの卵 替えのチャーシューとか 替え玉とか

  • Though I tend to place my faith in the, uh, in the chef usually in Japan

    ただ僕は もう結構お腹いっぱい 意外とすぐ満腹になる

  • when it comes to ramen shops.


  • And I feel like by adjusting the recipe by tailoring it to myself,

    豚骨スープは好きなのに まあ 僕が チャーシューいただくんで お腹いっぱいになるはず

  • I'm kind of compromising what could be an amazing flavor.


  • Because I don't know how the best way to have it.


  • Now, I often hear people proclaim the Ichiran is the best ramen in Japan.

    「ホント美味しい すごい満足感」

  • And it definitely isn't.


  • No chain can beat the quality found on independent family-run establishments.


  • But it is pretty good, and the overall dining experience is unique enough to justify a visit.


  • If you get halfway through the meal and you still a little bit hungry, on the chopstick

    「いや」「OK あはは」

  • wrapper you've actually got additional things you can get like;

    「まあ 安くて満腹になって 美味しい」

  • an extra egg, or some extra pork, or some extra noodles.

    「ええ 私は文句なしよ」

  • And although I'm already kind of thought like this is filling me up rather quick,

    僕に似た人なら 上空写真がないと 街を見た気がしないはず

  • especially as Ellen doesn't like pork.


  • She likes the taste of pork soup, but I've got her pork slices, so that should fill me up.

    海辺を見下ろすタワーには 人気マスコットがいるだけでなく

  • Feel quite greedy.

    タワーには完全な耐久性があると 訪問客を安心させるパンフも

  • Closing thoughts?


  • - Really tasty, really filling.


  • - Do you think this could work in the UK?


  • - Yeah, I don't know why we don't have more of this actually.

    普通の高層ビルのようですが 中は空っぽ

  • Um, it is quite... Is it healthy?

    何もありません 展望デッキ以外

  • - No. - Ok, haha.


  • Well, it's cheap, it's filling, its tasty.

    でも何より 日本には何にもマスコットがいて

  • Yeah, big thumbs up for me.


  • If like me, you don't feel like you've truly seen a city until you've have had

    ほら フータ 小さなマスコットでタワー型のフータです

  • a bird's-eye view, Fukuoka Tower is definitely worth a visit.

    ここにタワーの情報が 「福岡最大の地震では

  • Overlooking the waterfront, not only has it got it's own beloved mascot,


  • but also a pamphlet reassuring visitors that the tower is thoroughly durable.

    「ご安心ください 福岡タワーは無傷です」

  • Yeah!

    おい 福岡タワー 耐久性を自慢してるけど

  • So from afar Fukuoka Tower looks like a skyscraper.


  • It's eight thousand sheets of glass.


  • It does like a normal skyscraper, but actually its hollow.

    「福岡タワーは 重心が非常に低いため」

  • There's nothing in it apart from observation deck.

    「構造上 安定性に疑いの余地はありません」

  • 123 metres high.

    すごい耐久性 素晴らしいタワーだ

  • Best of all though, in Japan they've got mascot for everything.


  • And Fukuoka Tower is no exception.

    本当に良く 湾や島の眺めが一面に広がります

  • Look, they've got Fuhta - the little mascot tower, Fuhta.

    僕の評価 福岡タワーは10点中7点

  • With little facts here about the tower the largest earthquake in Fukuoka had


  • a seismic intensity of a lower 6.

    「だって うん 海も山も複雑な街並みもある」

  • Rest assured, Fukuoka tower is durable.


  • Boy, they keep boasting about the durability of Fukuoka Tower,

    「ええ 開く屋根があれば見渡せるわね」

  • it better be durable.


  • We're 123 metres above the ground, bloody thing to fall down.

    「あと 耐久性」

  • Because Fukuoka Tower was very bottom-heavy, there is no doubt about


  • its structural stability.

    夕方まで 耐久性日本一の タワーからの眺めを目に焼き付け

  • It's very durable very good tower.

    夜がやって来ます 6時を打つ頃には 街の屋台村の屋台に

  • But it is the tallest seaside tower in Japan.


  • So you get really nice sweeping view of the bay, the island


  • I'll give Fukuoka Tower seven out of ten.

    露店の集まった村みたいな感じ あらゆるものが売られます

  • - Mmm, I give this in 8.2 - 8.2?


  • - You've got yeah, you've got the oceans, got mountains and the sprawling city.

    串で刺したお肉 僕の好物ですね

  • So.. - How could it be better?


  • - Uuu, if it had an open-top we could look out.


  • - An open top.


  • And more durability.


  • I don't feel like the tower is durable enough.

    小さな空間にぎゅうぎゅう詰めで 10数人くらいが一緒

  • Having spent the afternoon gazing out of Japan's most durable tower,

    料理がすぐ隣で調理されているのを 見るのはアツいです

  • the night rolls in and as the clock strikes 6, the city's Yatai-mura night markets stalls


  • burst into life.

    今 探しているのは 座れて

  • (cheer jazz music)


  • This is Yatai-mura.


  • Kinda look like a little village of stools, selling all sorts of thing.


  • The most popular thing usually is yakitori,

    お客は席について飲食したら 1時間もしないうちに店を出ます

  • skewered meat so it's right up my alley.


  • This is known as being one the most famous yatai-mura in all of Japan,


  • but these days it's pretty common.


  • They're pretty much popped up all over the country.

    限られた席のため それが不可欠なんです

  • So it's a pretty popular thing.

    それで 屋台の真髄はその雰囲気

  • You're crammed into a small space with about a dozen people.

    その場の人たちと 素晴らしい料理を楽しむ 多くのお店は

  • It's very intense, you've got food being cooked right next to you,

    携帯禁止を掲げ 地元の人との お喋りや交流を奨励しています

  • you're rubbing shoulders with the locals.


  • And now we're just looking for somewhere for us to sit down and

    窮屈な座席なので 本当にそうなるんです

  • stuff our faces.

    今「屋台村」にいます 小さな屋台 露店のこと

  • Each yatai stand is typically run by one or two chefs.


  • You run them with ruthless efficiency.


  • Customers sit down, eat, drink and head off typically in under an hour.


  • The name of the game here is customer turnover.

    そして いとしのカメラマン クリス・オカノ

  • The customer isn't eating or drinking, the etiquette is for them

    彼 席の端にいます