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if you want a professional opinion, you probably would have to watch other
videos but if you want the opinion of someone just like you who purchased this
gear and trying to figure out exactly what to do with it this video is for you
Hi, today we'll be showing you how to operate the new Zhiyun Crane M2 together
with the Sony rx100 Mark 5A you can use this for the Sony rx100 mark 1 series
all the way to the mark 7 series it will be the same except for probably the mark
6 and the 7 will be slightly heavier but still it will balance the same way as
what you do with the Mark 5A
To start off we'll be balancing the MarkA
on the Crane M2.
We'll be showing you how to do it in a few easy steps so
first you attach the given plate and the screw
the Sony Mark 5 A
What we do is there are two slots here, the shorter side and the longer side.
We will choose the shorter side to stop in for this Sony rx100
so just screw it in
Okay, so once you screw it in, next you have to release the lock on
the Crane M 2
The Crane M2 comes with a lock
then make sure your gimbal doesn't move around when it is in the bag
You release the lock screw
you can start your balancing process
First, you attach the plate on to the
Crane M2 - there's a lock
you lock it up . The next thing you do turn, on the camera because this lens
itself adds weight to the front of the camera
so in order to balance probably
you need to turn on the camera to balance. You start on balancing by
balancing the roll axes which is this red button over here
Next you balance the tilt axes,
point to the sky, it is this axes here that you need a balance
this is called the tilt axes. So, you turn on the screw here
you need to make micro adjustments to make sure it's balanced
it's balanced on the tilt and now the front side
okay, it's balance. After you your balances the tilt side, you need to
balance this pin as well, to make sure it's balanced properly and last but
not least you have to balance the pan axes as well.
So the balancing lever is here so what you do put it parallel to the ground, okay, right now you can see
it's not balanced
loosen up
okay as long as it is parallel to the ground it's balanced
so that's basically three aces to take note.
First is the row axes, second is the
tilt axes and last but not least would be your pan axes here. So once everything
is done just to a bit of micro adjustments to make sure it's balanced
Why they need to balance is that if you don't balance it properly
it will not work on the vortex mode so in order to see whether your camera is
properly balanced, there's two ways to check it. First, you just position it as
long as it doesn't move too much it is balance. Next, you can turn on the
press and hold up the site button. Go on to the vortex mode which is double
click to go to the go, double click to go to the vortex. Take a spin
If it spins well is balanced. So now you go back to the PF move and you click the
back button here
To make it back to usual position.
So you double click on the back button there
Next, we'll be heading back to the studio to show you how to link up your Zhiyun Play
on your phone together with the Sony rx100 Mark 5A to the Crane M2
Okay, so right now we are back to the studio we'll show you how to connect the
Rx100 mark 5A to the Crane M2 using the Zhiyun play app. So you just download the
Zhiyun Play app to your phone, turn it on
Find your crane, so this is the Crane m2
okaym you found Crane M2- so you press the connect now but before you do so
make sure you turn on the Crane M2- so you on the device this still show that
Crane M2 - you press connect it's connected. Then you enter again you ask
you to select device type camera or smartphone you press camera and you
enter now. At the same time, make sure your camera is on and for the camera
you have to go to the menu
go to the control wit smartphone mode on your camera (Network 1 Page 1)
I'm not sure if you can see this
Go to the menu
Control with smartphone, connection Wi-Fi standby
Same time go to Wi-Fi here and
search for the camera
so is trying to connect your device.
Because I've connected it earlier I do
not need to go through the process of finding the QR code. On the first try you
can just scan the QR code on your camera to the phone and it will auto connect .
In fact, once you connect your Sony rx100 to the Crane m2 for the next time around
you need not to use the Zhiyun play app to do the connection. What you need to do
is simply turn on the Crane M2, turn on the camera ,make sure the control with
Wi-Fi is on and you automatically connect for you
Oh shoots my button drop!
so what happened just now was that the button here was missing from the Crane M2
it came off and drop into the bag .
As you can see the button can be easily pop off
so - be careful when you're using the Crane M2, especially when you are
Make sure the button is always on before you store it after use
okay once it is connected what you can do with this is that you can control the zoom of
the camera from the crane and you can also record on and off from the crane
itself one click to record on video one click to stop
you can also press the record button to take a photo but you need to exit the
video mode from your camera to go to the camera mode - it could be aperture
priority , shutter priority or just auto mode. So, what you do is just to double
click on the red button here it'll auto focus and then will snap a photo
One of the things during the course of use is to note- is that the connection sometimes
can be a little bit iffy, so what happens is that once the camera is connected to
the Crane m2 you can use it to zoom but for recording purposes sometimes it
works sometimes it doesn't work
If that happens to you what you need to do is
just to switch off the Crane M2 and turn it on again and it should work and that is how
you connect the Crane M2 to the rx100 Mark 5A . Now, we'll hit back outdoors to
to check on the various shooting modes of theCrane m2 on the Sony rx100 Mark 5A
There are six modes on the Crane M2 - the first off is the pan follow mode
which is follows your arm , after the pam follow mode you click once and you have
the lock mode .Lock mode ensures your screen stays to the front, so no matter
how you positioned, it will still stay to the front
After the lock mode, is POV mode for one more click .so POV Morgause in full 360
motion. We go back to the pan follow mode and you double click it goes to the go mode
Go mode is the sport mode so you can twist your Gimbal and the camera
whips from side to side
and after Go mode you double-click again it goes to the Vortex mode so a
vortex mode spins your camera around
okay, you can also go pan follow mode and press follow. This will
follow the crane itself
Click on the button here go back to pan follow
double click behind and it will go back to the original position
okay, there's also a selfie mode on the Crane M2- so you just triple click on
the back button here
and go to selfie mode
okay - to exit the selfie mode, you'll just have to triple click it on a back button
and you'll go back to the original position
Other than shooting it on a horizontal axis, you can also shoot your camera in
the vertical axis. You do not need a special cag for this. What you need to
do is just to on the pan follow mode, tilt the camera and you can start
shooting on a pan follow mode
If you want a better effect for vertical shooting, we
do suggest you to click it to the lock mode, so this will be locked
wherever you shoot .
Here's a video sample
Okay to change it from vertical mode to horizontal motion simply just moved up and it
will be changed to horizontal mode.
Okay , we'll be showing you some video samples
that we took on the pan follow mode, the lock mode, the point of view mode, the
follow mode, the go mode as well as a vortex mode
This marks the end of the demonstration between this new Zhiyun Crane m2 together
with the Sony rx100 Mark 5A. This will probably work the same with the Sony
rx100 series from Mark one to Mark seven.
We hope you've enjoyed this
tutorial don't forget to give us a like and subscribe


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