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Hello. Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
- Last time we did a musical IQ test from Harvard. - From Harvard, yeah.
Ahahahahaha. We're both so low.
****ed it.
Sorry, can I just say like...
That last IQ test, I found it so questionable.
If you're watching this and
you're one of the researchers at Harvard University...
You gotta like define your criteria for judging out of tune.
is it more...
Decibels out or had more notes out of tune?
Yeah, and then also
what frequency that were you measuring it against.
You can't expect someone to calculate...
All right, I'll give you a perfect example, right?
Do Re...
That's one really out of tune note, versus...
Do re mi fa...
There are four notes out of tune, but...
- They're in tune with each other. - Yeah.
So, how are you gonna grade us?
And there's another one,
I think will be very interesting to try.
Well, that's gonna be easy for me.
Yeah, the tone-deaf...
So, of course...
- Eddy wants to do this video. - Oh...
- So he can flex... - Yes.
Flex his pitch on me.
Perfect pitch gang.
- Urgh... - Make sure to hit the like below.
Now, we only have one laptop here today.
- Brett's gonna do it first. - Yup.
And then we're gonna compare our results.
Yeah. Ohhh!
- I need to get changed to merch. - Get glamorous.
Guys, check this out.
Oh my god. I'm so proud of our whole team.
You know what TS stands for?
I can't think of a joke.
So I'm gonna go.
- Yeah, too soon. - Bye.
Too... Too soon.
Of course the guy with no pitch has to go first.
Do you think you are tone-deaf?
I'm not sure if I'm tone-deaf.
How good do you think your music listening skills are?
I'm doubting myself.
So maybe I'll just go much worse,
so everything looks better.
Okay, to be honest, I've had a bit of training,
so I'm just gonna go here.
How old are you?
Oh... Don't show my age, just blur it out.
I am old, blur it!
Do you think you have perfect pitch?
No, I definitely don't have perfect pitch.
So what do you think you have perfect pitch?
You just gotta listen to it, you'll know.
Listen to blah, what?
Turn up...
Until the calibration tone's at
a loud but comfortable level.
For this game, you will need to use the D and U keys.
Try to answer as fast as you ca-
Oh my god, there's speed.
Here we go.
Two seconds...
Dude, I was so slow.
I'm questioning myself.
Oh man, that's way up.
0.8 seconds!
Can I beat that?
0.3 seconds! Oh!
Ah! I bit my...
Can't go too fast cause I bite myself.
No, I know it went up.
Oh, why did I **** that one up!
You're doing awesome - No, I'm not.
I wasn't supposed to mess that one up.
It's cause I was trying to react too fast.
Stop being stupid.
The test is going to get harder now, oh god.
That sounded the same.
That one went down by a 1/32nd tone.
Didn't really hear it, I felt like the timbre went down a bit.
That took me six seconds. Holy moly.
That went up a bit, I think.
I need to focus.
That sounded the same, mate.
Urgh, 1/64th.
I can hear the 1/32nd ones.
1/64th, oh, I'm getting it.
Oh! Dang... Okay.
Hey, at least, it's a first shot.
Good to know my ears are okay.
All right, I wonder what Eddy gets.
My turn!
Represent the perfect pitch gang.
I'm gonna ace this exam.
Do you think you are tone-deaf?
No, I'm definitely not tone-deaf.
How good do you think your music listening skills are?
The superior perfect pitch gang.
Can you tap in time with a musical beat?
Ahahaha I failed this one.
Apparently not.
Do you think you have perfect pitch?
Perfect pitch gang.
All right. Oh dude, I'm nervous.
I didn't know this would be reflex - Reaction time.
Dude, I have slow reflex though.
Doesn't mean I'm tone-deaf, I'm just slow.
I'm probably gonna press the wrong thing.
Because I'm uncoordinated.
One second? I'm so slow.
0.7 -
Come on.
What if my internet is just slow, you know?
Australian wi-fi.
Dude, I need to hit 0.5.
It's cause I was trying to react too fast.
Stop being stupid!
All right.
You're doing awesome.
Cheers, mate.
Heads up, the test is gonna get ha - Uh oh.
See, this is what I don't like,
if you're not sure, it's okay to make a guess.
So I could literally fluke the test.
It's like a bunch of 50/50 coin toss.
0.9, oh dude...
I'm nervous.
1 second, oh, I'm getting slow.
0.7! Yeah, let's get it!
Yeah, I knew it was up, but I questioned myself.
Oh, that's obvious.
Dude, I have - I need to hit 0.5.
All right, Brett, I'm done.
Oh, s***! What did you get?
- All right, we gotta reveal at the same time. - Okay, okay, okay.
Oh, you got the top part.
- No! - Perfect pitch gang!
- No! - Oh!
Hey, you did pretty well though.
No, to be honest...
One, I freaked out
- Yeah? - Because I was trying to go for fastest reaction time.
- Oh, you pressed the wrong thing? - I pressed the wrong one.
So I would have got 30, but that's about it.
You're also not using headphones, right?
Nah, I didn't.
Yeah, I think headphone is important for this.
- I'm just making excuse for you. - Yeah.
I can imagine it would be though, the 1/64th is so small.
I just feel the sound difference.
- Yeah. - I don't really hear the actual pitch change.
What does the graph mean though?
Oh, I guess it's percentage.
That's right!
2% of participants!
- Download an image of your scores to share. - Are you gonna frame it?
Those of you who question the perfect pitch gang.
To be fair, this test is more objective.
The other one is - I'm still salty about the other one.
I will say though, the whole reaction thing's stressful.
It's stressful.
And I start - I'm like f***.
No! It's obviously low, why did I click it?
Yeah. Anyway...
Please like and subscribe. Check out our merch.
I'm totally not just showing my legs up.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
- Check it out, guys. - All right, peace.


Beating 99.9% of the Population in the Harvard Tone Deaf Test!?

李芷凝 2020 年 5 月 16 日 に公開
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