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I like McDonalds, but their breakfast has just never appealed to me.
I've never had an American McDonalds before.
When I was growing up I was a Burger King kid, and then when I got older I started loving Chick-fil-A, and then Chick-fil-A started hating gay people, and now I don't eat fast food.
I think eating McDonalds once every 16 years isn't going to be terrible.
I don't know if franchise are involved.
How could it not be delicious?
That's lazy as (beep) man.
It looks like someone trampled on it.
Wait I've never had a burrito for breakfast, I didn't realized that was a thing.
What's in this?
I think that's good.
Okay, I did not want to swallow that.
It taste like actual eggs.
This is why I have avoided it all this time because I knew it would be delicious.
It's like a little too slimy.
And look, I feel like that's even like a hint of a vegetable.
It doesn't look like meat, it's kind of gray.
But I'll eat it anyway because it taste good.
Ooh, a sausage McGriddle.
It's the McDonalds coming out.
It looks so gross and like sad.
Oh, it has an M on it.
That's fancy.
What's in it?
They've like injected syrup into the pancake.
Is it raisins?
That's really weird.
It like (beep) smashes you over the head with syrup.
I don't think I would ever order this, but I would eat it.
All right, so I've heard of a McMuffin, this is like something people are like way into.
I always thought it was like a word for something sexual.
This one has the nutritional facts on it.
I'm just going to skip that.
It's pretty delicious.
The cheese is like yellow glue sauce.
It has that like plastic look to it, you know?
It's just too much bread, I'm just eating bread.
Take that off, let's see if that's better.
But now I have to look at what I'm eating, which is kind of a nightmare.
This one is not that bad.
It taste like a dementor kissed the flavor out of this.
But it's not that good either.
Where's that burrito?
I want that burrito back.
Oh man, this looks like an airplane breakfast.
This syrup is so intoxicating.
I've never like eaten syrup before, so.
You've never had syrup before?
I'm just going to put it all on because I think that's what American people would do.
I mean there's been syrup around me, I just haven't eaten it.
It's not an insult, but I know that you all love syrup.
I'm going to say the pancakes are not bad.
It definitely taste like a pancake.
Because the bread looked good.
I mean I would put Vegemite on this.
Hashbrown, I'd give it a 10 out of 10 on grease.
It looks like a big chicken McNugget.
That's the best thing we've had so far.
I don't think I've had a hashbrown before, but it's good.
I like it.
I don't really like tater tot, so I'm just going to say it, go ahead and hate me!
I don't think I would want to eat McDonalds breakfast again.
If there was nothing else around, yeah I'd have it.
Am I going to eat it again?
Yeah, probably.
Give me 16 years.


初めて朝マックを食べる人たちの感想は...? (People Try McDonald's Breakfast For The First Time)

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