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  • Welcome to Fuzz's Top Tips with Carole Nash. A series of videos designed to help

  • you use your classic car more successfully, safely and pleasurably

  • In this video I want to talk about jacking your car up safely

  • Now what I will say, is if you're jacking your car up or intending to jack your car up

  • because you've suffered a puncture on the side of the road or on the motorway

  • then don't. Call out the breakdown. You need to make sure

  • that you're in a safe place if you're going to do this. The hard shoulder is not a safe place

  • lay-by's aren't that good either. If that's happenend and you're with Carole Nash Insurance

  • then you've got inclusive breakdown cover

  • Here we've got this little Mazda sitting on a bit of a slope

  • Now what I've done, because the slope comes down this way

  • I've positioned the car sideways. Now, quite a lot of driveways have a slope to them

  • Firstly what I'm going to do; a piece of wood, real life situation. Get that underneath the back of the rear tyre

  • And the little bit, just get that and wedge it in there.

  • So now, I'm going to put the handbrake on, because we're jacking it up at the front

  • I don't need the wheel to spin. Now before I jack it up, what I need to do firstly is make sure

  • that I've released the wheel nut. Because if I jack it up and I haven't released the wheel nut - released the

  • tension on them. Then, of course, what will happen when I try to undo them? The wheel's just going to spin

  • So that's no good

  • Crack those. There a bit tight. There we are. See I'd have never have done that, if I'd have left the wheel nuts tight

  • when I jacked the car up

  • I'm using a jack that came with the car. So it's a Scissor Jack and they're notoriously easy to unbalance

  • So this actually fits in on to the sill here and what you'll notice, is there's a little point here where the sill is

  • just that little bit thicker. Put that through there and then, just jack it up

  • Now here, I have one of the most important bit of equipment you could have; it's an axle stand

  • So, it's a bit of a tall one, but what I need to do is find a place where I can get it underneath this car

  • so I can then let the car down on to the stand, which will then take the place of the wheel essentially

  • Okay, so I'm going to put that there. Just lower it down, just slightly. I'm leaving the jack in there

  • It's gone up a bit higher than I'd have liked but I know that the stand is under there

  • So, we can now proceed to take the wheel off or do whatever it is that we need to do

  • And that is how to jack your car up safely!

Welcome to Fuzz's Top Tips with Carole Nash. A series of videos designed to help


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Carole NashとFuzzのトップのヒント - 安全に車をジャッキアップする方法 (Fuzz's Top Tips with Carole Nash - How To Jack up a Car Safely)

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