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  • There's no question about it, McDonald's is the most successful restaurant in the history of the world.


  • The company isn't worth millions, but billionsnearly 150 billion USDand that number keeps climbing every day.

    資産価値は何百万ドルどころか、何十億ドルーほぼ 1500 億ドルーという数字で、この数字も毎日上昇を続けていっています。

  • Back in the 1950s, the man who would eventually turn McDonalds into an international powerhouse, Ray Kroc, had a lot of big ideas for the restaurant.

    1950 年代に、その後マクドナルドを国際的有名チェーンに成長させることになるレイ・クロックという人は、たくさんのアイデアを持っていました。

  • But perhaps his biggest idea can be summed up in a single word.


  • "Franchise, franchise, franchise, franchise, franchise."


  • The food at McDonald's has always sold like hotcakes but once the restaurant started franchising, the world began eating up the brand.


  • So, it's not surprising that for decades, entrepreneurs have been flocking to the golden arches with dreams of opening their own McDonald's.


  • But being a franchise owner isn't as easy, or profitable, as you might think.


  • For starters, buying into a McDonald's franchise is expensive, and if prospective franchisees want to get a piece of the pie, they'll have to bring some heavy coin to the table.


  • According to Business Insider, the initial investment is between 1 million USD and 2.2 million USD.

    Business Insider によると、その額は 100 万ドルから 220 万ドルほどだということですから

  • That price tag is pretty broad, but McDonald's notes that these costs are based on the restaurant's location and size.


  • Long story short, it's going to cost a lot more to buy a McDonald's franchise in San Francisco than it is in Saginaw, Michigan.


  • Before you take the plunge with Mickey D's and start your own franchise, keep in mind that 40 percent of that initial investment must be cash or nonborrowed assets.

    マクドナルドに人生を賭けてフランチャイズを買う前に、初期投資の 40 %は現金もしくは借りた資産ではないことが必要だという点を頭に入れておきましょう。

  • Whether it's McDonald's or other fast food restaurants, franchise owners can do pretty well, at least, once they get past their initial investment hurdle.


  • According to Business Insider, the average McDonald's restaurant takes in around 2.7 million USD a year in sales.

    Business Insider によると、マクドナルド年間販売額は平均して 270 万ドルだということです。

  • That may not be quite as high as other well-known eateries, such as Chick-fil-A or Panera Bread, but it's still pretty good.

    この額は Chick-fil-A や Panera Bread といった他の有名店に比べると低いですが、それでも悪い数字ではありません。

  • Of course, some McDonald's franchise owners are going to make more than others, but most franchisees pull in an estimated yearly profit of roughly 150,000 USD.

    もちろん、中には他のオーナーよりも利益を上げているマクドナルドのフランチャイズオーナーもいますが、ほとんどのフランチャイズ店で年間およそ 15 万ドルの利益を上げています。

  • However, after 2.7 million USD in sales, a profit of 150,000 USD isn't even 6 percent.

    しかし、販売額が 270 万ドルということを考えると、利益高の 15 万ドルというのは 6 % にも満たないものです。

  • Once you deduct the price of supplies, food, payroll, and about a dozen other costs handed down by the corporation, that's what an average franchise owner is left with.


  • The franchise system has been a major reason for Ronald and his company to celebrate since the 1950s, and it's actually how McDonald's makes a significant portion of its profit.

    フランチャイズシステムというのが 1950 年以降マクドナルド社が躍進した主な要因で、膨大な利益のほとんどがここからやってくるのです。

  • Plus, franchise owners have historically brought a lot more than money to the table by contributing some of the company's most important innovations.


  • "The Big Mac, the Filet-O-Fish, even the drive-through concept were all developed by franchisees working within the McDonald's framework."


  • So while McDonald's franchise owners can make a six-figure salary through their restaurant, the McDonald's corporation is making much, much more.


  • It all starts with the 45,000 USD franchise fee that owners pay.

    まず初めに 45,000 ドルのフランチャイズ費をオーナーは払わなくてはなりませんし、

  • Then, there's the never-ending monthly service fee that takes 4 percent of a location's gross sales.

    その後も、店舗の売り上げの 4 % を毎月サービス費として永遠に払い続ける必要があるのです。

  • After that, franchisees pay a rental fee each month, which works out to be an average of around 10.7 percent of sales.

    それだけではなく、平均して売り上げの 10.7 % にあたる毎月のレンタル費を支払うことにもなります。

  • So basically, McDonald's franchise owners are forking over 15 percent of their sales every month to the Mickey D's machine.

    ですから、基本的にはマクドナルドのフランチャイズオーナーは毎月の売り上げの中から 15 % 以上を本社に持っていかれているのです。

  • This system is extremely profitable for the Golden Arches.


  • So much so that only around 5 percent of the McDonald's locations on the planet are owned by the company.

    そう考えると、マクドナルド自身が所有している店舗は全世界でわずか 5 % ほどしかないのもうなずけます。

  • The rest are franchise operations that are paid for upfront by the franchise owner.


  • According to Reader's Digest, McDonald's raked in 27.4 billion dollars in revenue in 2014, and how that breaks down is pretty telling.

    Reader's Digest によると、2014 年の収益は 274 億ドルでしたがその内訳は興味深いものです。

  • 9.2 billion USD of the revenue was from franchised locations and 18.2 billion USD was attributed to company-owned locations.

    92 億ドルはフランチャイズ店舗からで、182 億ドルは自社店舗からですので

  • On the surface, it sounds like the company-owned locations are the real money-makers, but that's simply not the case.


  • The cost of running a business, especially a restaurant, can really cut into its profits.


  • At the end of the day, McDonald's only keeps around 16 percent of the revenue its company-owned stores make, but it keeps 82 percent of the revenue franchisees pay out to it.

    マクドナルドは自社店舗からの収益は 16 % しか懐に入れませんが、フランチャイズ費として入ってくるお金は 82 % キープできるのです。

  • That all adds up to megabucks for Mickey D's.


  • So, while owning a franchise should put plenty of food on your table, the McDonald's corporation will take a huge bite out of your bottom line.


  • "It's like they don't care if you make money as long as they make money."


  • "What kind of corporation does that?"


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There's no question about it, McDonald's is the most successful restaurant in the history of the world.


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