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You keep telling yourself that you're ugly
That you can't possibly ever love yourself cause every time you look in the mirror
You don't like what you see
The stretch marks, loose skin, gap between your front teeth. Overanalysing every single part of yourself, destroying your self esteem
Constantly telling yourself how could anyone ever want you
When even you don't like your own body
I wish I could tell you that you're perfect just by being you
And I'd tell you that every single day
Until you start to believe it too
And I mean it
I just wish you knew just how much I adore you
How I love even when you're going through some of your toughest times
You still manage to put on a smile and act like everything's fine
Or how I think you're brave
Intelligent, gentle, kind
How you're going to change the world someday with that incredible mind
I hate seeing you cry
Cause everytime you look in the mirror you see something you don't like
I hate how much it hurts you every single time
I wish I could take the pain away
Make you see what I see
And then maybe you'd change your mind
I hate watching you beat yourself up all the time. When are you gonna realise this ongoing battle you have with yourself... It's a losing fight
You're literally destroying yourself from the inside, trying so hard to be something you're not
When you're already perfectly fine
You're a beautiful, walking, human sunshine in my eyes
You keep comparing yourself to others
When are you going to understand that being yourself is enough
Constantly seeking validation from other people when what you really need is self-love
Yes I know you don't have the perfect body
Reality check: most people don't
So what's the use in tearing yourself appart like this if you think it's gonna help you in any way
Well let me be the first to tell you
It won't
I'll never understand how someone so great
Can think so little about themselves
I watch you
Unable to leave the house without make them struggling to cope every day and
I just wanna be able to help
You reduced yourself to ugly
You hide behind baggy clothes, watch what you eat
think so much about what people think that you can't even walk down the street
Self-hate has filted its way into every inch of your body
And it kills me
To watch someone I care about so much be so incredibly unhappy
I hope one day you can look at yourself in the mirror and live with what you see
That it doesn't hurt you so much anymore cause you'll understand that you've got more to offer the world than simply being pretty
No longer haunted by the scars on your skin but choosing to be the change they want to see
But more importantly
Right now
In this moment
I want you to know
Just how incredibly perfect you are
To me


I'm Ugly | Spoken Word Poetry

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doris.lai 2020 年 5 月 6 日 に公開
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