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Hi, I'm Molly Ringwald.
I'm Marisol Nichols.
I'm Mark Consuelos.
And I'm Skeet Ulrich.
And we're taking the "Which Riverdale Teen Are You?" quiz.
[The parents of Riverdale find out which characters they really are.]
How would your friends describe you?
Intelligent, right, Mark?
I would say you're loyal.
I like to be intelligent but they'd say I'm sarcastic.
Oh how would our friend, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Oh, how would your friends describe you. -Loyal
It's a complex sentence, guys.
Pick something to order at Pop's.
-Oh I'm going burgers and fries. -Burger and fries.
Burger and fries.
Burger and fries.
That was easy.
Pick a milk shake flavor.
Boy, this is tough.
I'm going (with) peanut butter.
Yeah, me too.
I knew you would, I'm going strawberry.
-Vanilla. -Vanilla, that's so vanilla of you.
Just milkshakes.
Choose a school subjects.
-No. -Not math.
Art. - History.
I'm gonna go with science.
Really? - Really?
Are you sure?
No, not anymore.
Which Riverdale character would you trust with a secret?
Yeah I was gonna say Toni.
-Toni. - I wanna say Reggie because he's not that smart, he might forget what I told him.
You notice how we're not on there at all.
Yeah, interesting.
My own daughter I guess, Jellybean.
Yeah, you... why not.
Jellybean 'cause I can always like ground her.
-Sure, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, dude. -I don't know if I trust any of these.
Really? Nana Rose?
Yeah, Nana's dope.
-Right? - You think?
-Yeah. - Nana.
-All right, I'll go for Nana. - Yeah, she's wicked.
Pick an 80s movie.
Breakfast Club.
Can I say Princess Bride?
You can say whatever you want.
Princess Bride.
-Okay, Molly doesn't like you very much. -Sorry.
Yeah, she's loyal though.
-Sorry. -Wait who are you loyal to?
-Exactly? -Princess Bride.
And finally choose something important from Riverdale.
Absolutely Jughead's beanie.
Yeah, I like Jughead's beanie.
What did you get?
I got Sheryl Blossom, I don't understand that one at all.
-I do. -At all. -Really? why?
Well, there's an explanation right there if you want to read that.
Adventurous, cunning and quick witted, you tend to keep yourself closed off from new people, but once they get to know you, they realize how kind you truly are.
-Yeah. -That's from your movie choice. -Yep.
-Yeah. - Princess Bride?
-Princess Bride. -It's Princess Bride.
I got Betty Cooper; you're genuine strong and practical like Betty, you're a hard worker who's continuously striving to help others, you're a natural-born leader.
-I like it. -Wow.
I got Jughead Jones as did you Mark, right?
Yeah, yeah.
-You're courageous, sarcastic and big-hearted. -I see that.
-Big hearted. -Like Jughead.
You're someone who... - You're someone who often puts the needs of others above your own, you prefer to surround... - Tick kind hearted. - yourself with a tight knit group of close friends.
-So Breakfast Club. -Yeah.
That was the Breakfast Club.
-I should have said Breakfast Club. -And the burgers and fries.
The burgers and fries, yeah.
I like this quiz.
Thank you so much, this has been the Which Riverdale Teen Are You quiz.
Log on to BuzzFeed to take your own quiz and thanks for watching.
And watch Riverdale.
Watch Riverdale, yeah, it was a lot of fun.


The "Riverdale" Parents Find Out Which "Riverdale" Teen They Really Are

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