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  • - Just building up the courage to enter.

  • - Hey, Becky, welcome.

  • - Thanks, it really is a miracle I made it here on time.

  • I'll be late every day after this.

  • - Hey, Glen, I wanna introduce you to Becky.

  • - Glen! I'll forget that in five minutes.

  • Hi.

  • - Hi.

  • - Get ready to answer every question I have

  • for the next two months.

  • What do you the people that sit over there do?

  • Who has slept with each other?

  • Who's the office bitch?

  • I don't remember where the bathroom is,

  • so I'm just gonna keep walking 'til I find it.

  • You're gonna find my poo that won't flush.

  • I did a nervous poo.

  • You look normal and close to my age, I like that.

  • And you, you look cool but not threatening,

  • I like that too.

  • - Ah, Becky, just wanted to say a quick hello.

  • - Lovely to meet you. You look mean.

  • Just gonna keep walking, find the coffee machine eventually.

  • Do you like my fancy work clothes?

  • I normally wear sweatpants, can you tell?

  • - [Woman] What about tacos?

  • - Lunch?

  • - Oh, I don't feel comfortable enough to join you guys,

  • I'm gonna eat alone in my car.

  • I've noticed you're the only attractive man in the office.

  • I'm going to have a crush on you.

  • You guys should really have signposts.

  • Thank god that's over.

  • I'm going home to consume alcohol to calm down,

  • I'll see you tomorrow.

  • At least 30 minutes late.

- Just building up the courage to enter.


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