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Hi, I'm Andrew.
I'm a designer on the Starbucks Stories Team here in Seattle, and I'm in my kitchen to show you how to make a fun, easy coffee recipe in your own home.
And typically, I go for cold brew or a hot coffee on Chemex, something really simple, but this one's a little bit more indulgent and also easy to make.
I was a barista for about five years, and I used to have so much fun customizing my own drinks.
And this one took me by surprise.
It's called Dalgona coffee.
You may have seen it on Instagram, but it's a beautiful, frothy, whipped coffee that's dolloped on top of milk and ice, and it's really simple.
We start with two ingredients: coffee and water.
I've got Starbucks VIA sweetened ice coffee here.
It's a medium roast that's naturally sweetened with cane sugar, and it's got a nice fine grind that whips up really easily.
I have two packets of that plus two tablespoons of water.
If you want more, scale it up.
So we're gonna take these and combine them, and then comes the fun part.
We're gonna whisk this for about five minutes.
If you've got an electric mixer, feel free to use that.
It will save time, but this is also a good workout.
Let's get started.
Now, the reason I didn't wanna use my stand mixer is because I didn't feel like making a bigger mess.
At first, you'll see little bubbles start to form, and this definitely will take you a few minutes.
After about a minute, it starts to turn a lighter brown color, and you'll start to see that the volume increases.
Now this is the part where I wish I would've just gotten my electric mixer out, but we're almost there.
So, after about five minutes, this has turned a nice peanut butter color, and it's really smooth and creamy, just like that, looks perfect.
And now we're gonna build our drink, and this is where you can customize it a little bit too.
So I'm gonna start with a glass of ice, and then I'm gonna add a little bit of vanilla syrup.
And if you didn't know, you can find Starbucks vanilla syrup in Starbucks stores, or in grocery stores, or online.
I'll just do about a half teaspoon here because the whipped coffee is already sweet on its own.
And then, I'm gonna fill the glass with milk, and we'll just leave a little bit of room at the top for our whipped coffee.
This is also really good with oat milk.
And then, we're gonna try not to make a mess and pour this right on top.
This makes about two servings, so you can take whatever you have leftover and just keep it in the fridge for about a day.
Looks perfect.
And that's it.
So now we'll take our Instagram shots, but you can see we have a nice layered drink with whipped coffee on top and our milk and syrup on the bottom.
Before we drink it, we just wanna give it a good stir, incorporate that nice frothy whipped coffee in the whole drink.
So anyways, really easy, hope you make it, and if you do, make sure you take a picture and use #starbucksathome.
Can't wait to see. Enjoy!


お家で簡単にスターバックスのコーヒーが作れる?!ダルゴナコーヒーの作り方(Starbucks at Home: How to make dalgona coffee)

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