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  • Phonics A to Z

  • a… ah (letter sound), apple

  • a is for apple

  • b… buh (letter sound), bear

  • b is for bear

  • c… cuh (letter sound), cake

  • c is for cake

  • d… duh (letter sound), dog

  • d is for dog

  • e… eh (letter sound), elephant

  • e is for elephant

  • f… fuh (letter sound), frog

  • f is for frog

  • g… guh (letter sound), gift

  • g is for gift

  • h… huh (letter sound), house

  • h is for house

  • i… ih (letter sound), iguana

  • i is for iguana

  • j… juh (letter sound), jellyfish

  • j is for jellyfish

  • k… kuh (letter sound), kite

  • k is for kite

  • L… luh (letter sound), lion

  • L is for lion

  • m… muh (letter sound), monster

  • m is for monster

  • n… nuh (letter sound), nose

  • n is for nose

  • o… ah (letter sound), octopus

  • o is for octopus

  • p… puh (letter sound), pizza

  • p is for pizza

  • q… qua (letter sound), queen

  • q is for queen

  • r… rrruh (letter sound), robot

  • r is for robot

  • s… ssss (letter sound), spider

  • s is for spider

  • t… teh (letter sound), turtle

  • t is for turtle

  • u… uh (letter sound), umbrella

  • u is for umbrella

  • v… vuh (letter sound), vegetables

  • v is for vegetables

  • w… wuh (letter sound), wizard

  • w is for wizard

  • x… xxxx (letter sound), fox

  • x is for fox

  • y… yuh (letter sound), yellow

  • y is for yellow

  • z… zzz (letter sound), zebra

  • z is for zebra

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  • Phonics A to Z

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