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  • We're here on the set of our show,

  • celebrating Ganesh Puja.

  • Showing Ganesh Puja, which is

  • a huge holiday for Indian Hindus,

  • felt really fun.

  • And Maitreyi's character, Devi, is brought by her family

  • to their local high school,

  • which has been transformed by the local Hindu Association.

  • So, why are you at this lame fest?

  • I actually really wanted to come.

  • To Ganesh Puja,

  • at a public high school in the Valley?

  • Are you insane?

  • Ganesh Puja is really important for a lot of Hindus

  • because Ganesha himself

  • is a very important god all over India.

  • He's known for being the remover of all obstacles,

  • which I think is very relevant to Devi,

  • because she has a lot of obstacles in her life.

  • And I remember writing it

  • because it's a holiday that I celebrated,

  • and there's certain things that I really wanted to show

  • as a kid, likeyou're kind of told,

  • just follow the group,

  • then you'll go up to the front,

  • and you'll offer offerings to Ganesh.

  • Like, you're sitting there, and a man is saying Sanskrit

  • that nobody understands,

  • and you have to repeat it.

  • Everybody, repeat after me.

  • Just kidding.

  • Background.

  • Action.

  • For the character of Devi,

  • it's really important of an episode

  • because she's finding out who she is in her own identity,

  • and where she stands with her culture.

  • You know, for a lot of South Asian youth,

  • it's hard to figure out

  • what makes you South Asian enough,

  • and I feel like Devi's trying to figure out where she belongs.

  • Some old loser was telling me that I'm too Indian,

  • and some other people think I'm not Indian enough.

  • And honestly, all I want to do is eat a doughnut,

  • but I'm stuck here.

  • I grew up Indian and Hindu

  • in a predominantly white community,

  • and I did not feel comfortable with my Hinduism,

  • because, you know, it's so overtly colorful,

  • and it's kind of inherently confident

  • even when I didn't feel confident,

  • and I think that the character of Devi, we wanted her to feel

  • the same way in these surroundings.

  • This sari is so uncomfortable.

  • Why does it itch so much?

  • Itchiness of saris is a rite of passage for Indian women.

  • Deal with it.

  • She's going through so much herself as a teenager,

  • and then to be put in this environment,

  • where there's other Indian people and Hindu people

  • who feel so much more comfortable with it,

  • is unnerving for her.

  • And so that's why it makes it

  • such a juicy event to see her at.

  • Good job. Up here.

  • Hell yeah.

We're here on the set of our show,


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