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  • You might think I don't read the comments,

  • but I read the comments, and in my last video you had a lot of opinions, mostly because I made this coffee.

  • It's from Melita and it was also from the 1970s and a lot of you were cross

  • frustrated, annoyed, irked,

  • that I had made it using a filter paper

  • from the 1970s. And you wanted to know what it would taste like if I made it with a nice v60

  • so we're going to do that right now because I'm

  • basically an idiot, and I have some sort of thing where I want to perform, like, self-flagellation of my face with coffee.

  • So I'm gonna brew a small brew. I'm gonna brew 15 grams

  • to about 220 grams. That's a little bit less water than I'm out used. But this coffee is so fine

  • I'm just trying not to over-extract it so

  • Here's our friendly scoop

  • And I'm gonna do 15 grams. This is a V60, the paper has been rinsed, it is preheated. Everything is good.

  • Oh, dear..

  • Little bit too much. 15. 15 grams

  • I'll even do the little well, which seems so

  • pointless. I'll boil some water, we'll brew it and, for you, one more time, I will taste it.

  • Now, I'm gonna bloom very quickly because we don't really need to degas this coffee

  • There's no co2 left here. And I also want to drop the extraction if I can, but we'll try and get it all

  • evenly saturated.

  • Hmmm...

  • I don't... I don't like being this close to it. Alright, here we go. Let's just brew.

  • This is gonna be a very short brew time. I'm not worried about under extraction.

  • Still draining.

  • So here we are again.

  • It's me. My drain cup. my old, old, old, old coffee

  • and, uh, and this.

  • Maybe I should turn comments off.

  • I blame you, you for this

  • It's still bad!

  • It still tastes gross.

  • It has a little less library book to it. I will give you that, people of the Internet.

  • Instead, I have greater clarity of flavor into the rancid old

  • disgracefully disgusting

  • coffee that is in this cup. So thanks for that

  • Look, I've done my best here. I've adapted my brewing process,

  • I've used nice water, I used a good technique.

  • That's disgusting. It's just gross. It's just old, old, old coffee, and I hope you're happy now

  • Hmm

  • Ugh

  • This tastes like the kind of hotel coffee when you stay at a really cute,

  • kind of little hotel in the middle of nowhere, where coffee culture has definitely not really made it and you just pray and wish

  • and regret that they hadn't used Nescafe instead. That's how this tastes.

  • This was just a little bonus video.

  • There's more coming. I'll say thank you so much for watching, and I hope you have a great day.

  • That'll do.

You might think I don't read the comments,


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ボーナス:V60でその70年代のコーヒーを淹れる (Bonus: Brewing that '70s coffee in a V60)

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