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  • Hi. John Green here.

  • So at Crash Course we have spent over 8 years teaching you everything from Engineering and

  • Computer Science to Psychology, Economics, Astronomy, and of course History.

  • And we hope that those videos will not just help you pass tests, but better understand

  • yourselves and your place in the universe.

  • And we're pretty happy in our little corner of the Internet, with our 10-15 minute educational

  • videos, but also we're always looking for ways to expand Crash Course's mission which

  • is to bring free educational content to people everywhere.

  • And that's why today I am so excited to announce that we are launching the Crash Course App!

  • It's available for download right now in your app store of choice.

  • And it's free!

  • The Crash Course App is a portal for finding and watching all 1200 of our videos, but we've

  • also been working on some extra materials to help you learn better from those videos.

  • At the heart of the app are decks - which are essentially flashcards - but not just

  • any flashcards, they're the world's most beautiful flashcards, illustrated by our friends

  • at Thought Cafe.

  • We've brought back our expert consultants and writers from previous series to point

  • out what they think are the most critical pieces of information in each of our videos

  • so that right after you've finished watching one you can check what you've learned.

  • And if you're studying and want even MORE practice than that, or if you want some sweet

  • dopamine boosts from answering trivia questions correctly, we also made a quiz mode.

  • In quiz mode, our flashcards turn into multiple-choice questions, each with a large pool of answers

  • that our consultants have written.

  • Now, making and writing these decks takes a lot of time and resources.

  • So we're starting off small with just a few courses.

  • Decks for every episode of Crash Course Chemistry and Crash Course Anatomy and Physiology are

  • now available, and we'll be releasing decks for Crash Course Organic Chemistry with each

  • new episode.

  • Also, as a bonus for you Organic Chemistry fans, we'll be including a ton of new content

  • to help you practice the reactions you've learned.

  • And I will be practicing those reactions with you because I know nothing about Organic Chemistry

  • but I'm going to try to learn through Crash Course and through the app.

  • I'm pretty excited actually.

  • So like I said Here at Crash Course, our mission is to provide free educational content for

  • everyone, and this app extends that mission because it is all completely free. Really.

  • If you like the app and find it helpful, you can make donations through it, but you don't have to.

  • 100% of the content is free.

  • This App has been a big scary project for us, but we hope it's the start of a new

  • way to learn with Crash Course.

  • And it really is just the start.

  • We'll be continually adding new decks to the App and hopefullymaybeeventually...

  • adding other fun ways to help you learn.

  • Let's just say we believe 2020 needs a new Oregon Trail.

  • The game, that is.

  • In real life, I find cars to be significantly more effective than covered wagons.

  • Also, I don't want to die of dysentery.

  • But for now we're starting with the Crash Course App.

  • So if you have a phone or tablet, please download the app - which is available for Android devices

  • on the Google Play Store and Apple devices at the App Store - and let us know what you think .

  • Thanks as always for learning and experimenting with us and as they say in my hometown:

  • don't forget to be awesome.

Hi. John Green here.


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クラッシュコースアプリを発表 (Announcing the Crash Course App!)

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