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  • Once again scientists prove that there's literally no problem in the world that food can't solve!

  • Well....except for the ones it can't, I guess.

  • Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. It's a phenomenon described by the DNews team (and

  • now the mainstream media) as "hangry" -- that terrifying onset of hunger-induced anger.

  • You know -- you're really hungry, you haven't eaten all day, and everything is terrible.

  • Then when you eat, the world is fine again. A new study published in the Proceedings of

  • the National Academy of Sciences found that low blood sugar may indeed make people touchy.

  • Lead scientist on the study Brad Bushman said that this is because people need glucose for

  • self control, and anger is one emotion that humans have a particularly tough time controlling.

  • He said that angry people are more impulsive, tend to lash out verbally and physically,

  • and he also aptly noted that anger is the leading cause of, there's that.

  • The study itself is....ummmmm....let's just say his approach is a little creepy. The guy

  • ordered 200 voodoo dolls and gave them to 100 couples for 3 weeks. Each night, they

  • were asked to jab pins in the voodoo doll based on how they were feeling about their

  • spouse. The participants also had their glucose levels taken. The scientists found that the

  • lower the blood sugar, the more pins people had put in their voodoo dolls. 70% of the

  • time, people didn't put pins in at all.....but there were some outliers. 3 people put all

  • 51 pins in the doll at once. One person did so on multiple occasions. I hope they checked

  • in to make sure everything was.....goin alright with those ones.....

  • It kind of confirms something ancient wisdom always told us is true, right? Being hungry

  • makes you straight unpleasant so please eat something. However, the study has been heavily

  • criticized by the scientific community. Because, for one, the author suggests hunger can lead

  • to violence in the publication. Quite the claim there! Scientists from Harvard and a

  • Diabetics Institute in Boston are saying that Bushman went too far -- that there's no good

  • evidence that low blood sugar causes physical violence. But there is evidence of moodiness,

  • which is where the study may have some validity. Another criticism is that pins in a voodoo

  • doll isn't a very reliable to measure irritability and aggression in the first place. I gotta

  • say....they have a point there...

  • In the meantime, it can't hurt to take Bushman's advice - when it comes to important discussions

  • with a lover, do it when everyone's been fed. And of course, keep your relationship going

  • strong by feeding yourself. This also has the advantage of keeping you alive. Thanks

  • for joining me for DNews peeps. Do you think being hungry affects your mood? Tell me about

  • it down below and I'll see you next time with more science updates!

Once again scientists prove that there's literally no problem in the world that food can't solve!


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