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  • I'm getting caught up on what you guys are...

  • I crave some longer

  • experiences with young people...

  • through the community events.

  • The tour could do a great job of giving me a little taste of it.

  • How do you feel, like... How do I put this?

  • How do you feel,

  • transitioning back to your normal life?

  • Because, like, it got... I don't want to say it got "interrupted."

  • But it was, like, a huge...

  • You can say it.

  • It was, like, a huge bump in the road.

  • You were going to live this normal life,

  • and then your husband became president.

  • So how does it feel,

  • trying to get back on the track of your normal life

  • that you had before?

  • What I've learned is, "Get back on what track?"

  • It's a whole new track.

  • It's not going back. It's not...

  • You know, it's just all different, and it's different forever.

  • So it's not getting back on track,

  • but it's creating my next track.

  • I'm doing what you're doing.

  • I'm figuring out, "What do I want to do?

  • What do I care about?"

  • And it takes time to process your life

  • and figure out what it all means.

  • So little of who I am happened in those eight years.

  • So much more of who I was happened before.

I'm getting caught up on what you guys are...


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