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  • well.

  • The mayor of Las Vegas made headlines last week when she volunteered the city as a control group to see if social distancing is working.

  • Joining us now to talk about how and when Las Vegas will reopen is Clark County commissioner, Maryland Kirkpatrick.

  • Welcome, commissioner, and I want a first start by asking you how you feel about Mayor Goodman's comments.

  • Well, I don't agree with her.

  • You know, my colleagues and I, who oversee the beautiful last biggest trip bill that we have toe our highest priority, needs to be the health and safety of not only our residents.

  • We work on this trip, but the visitors who come to visit us.

  • And that said, the mayor also feels hotels, casinos, restaurants should reopen right now.

  • When do you think they should reopen?

  • And what will the economic impact bait?

  • Well, we've been working every single day with our medical experts across the state.

  • A resort association are McCarran Airport and the convention authorities.

  • So we're working in that direction.

  • Testing is a key to getting us back open, and we're in the middle of expanding that testing opportunity so we will open Onley when it's safe and we have the most stringent of priorities and policies in place that can you talk a little bit about specifically how the county is working with the casinos there and other businesses to prevent another outbreak.

  • When you do eventually reopen?

  • Well, I go back to where we have been successfully doing social distance scenes.

  • We're ramping up casting today.

  • We can do up to 2000 tests today.

  • We anticipate, by June 1st being able to do 10,000 tests, our hotel partners and our airport.

  • They're making some adjustments so that our visitors feel very safe coming back.

  • And that is our priority.

  • And we'll invite everybody back when we feel that we could meet those and do, Do you?

  • How do you feel the people of Clark County are doing in terms of doing that social distancing and following the guidelines?

  • You know, we're doing a great job every single day.

  • We look at different ways.

  • I mean, even as we bring back our own staff.

  • So we have to think about how do we have that social distancing in the grocery stores were?

  • We have lines out for running groceries lines one way, so I'm very proud of what we're doing in our community.

  • Teoh on the social gifts Unseen piece Well, Commissioner Maryland Kerr Patrick.

  • We know it's a tough job.

  • Thank you for leading.

  • Ah, the people who you serve.

  • We appreciate your time today.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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ラスベガス市長がボランティアで市を訪れ、社会的な距離感がうまくいくかどうかを確認した (Las Vegas mayor volunteered city to see if social distancing works)

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