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  • no getting off work here from digging with dot com.

  • You're going to see this much because the time is ticking.

  • But I can't get the camera on the better the dam on the lights going off I have.

  • Finally, it's taken about 2.5 months today.

  • Finally, finally back to the point where I can run 10 kilometers in less than an hour, who at my absolute peak when I was at my absolute running best, I was doing 10 kilometers in about 45 minutes.

  • The best race I've done was a 20 K, and I didn't that it was about 90 minutes.

  • I think Well, on that, like a lot of practice when I came here last year, I would admit, and my pink when I say that actually is not really comparable, because hit I was running on the flight streets of Tokyo, well paved, easy to run on.

  • Not exactly the same is running out here in good Old Island, but I got out of practice and then last year around the marathon and then I really got out of practice and I kind of start running for about 67 months on then I got back into it.

  • Fed a recently on its taken, taken three months to get back to my sub one hour thinking Well, I have done it a congratulations to me.

  • Give me a big class on the bank.

  • All that good stuff thing is is I need to repeat that four times if I want to break four hour marathon at this time next month.

  • So I still get a little way to go.

  • But the reason I'm here talking to you right now is because there is a good parallel.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls for three English language.

  • Speaking of the English language here, a lot of people worry that say they living in English speaking countries say they are currently doing something in English.

  • They're engaged in a big project in Inglis.

  • They're working in English sand.

  • Something in their life is gonna change, which means that they are not gonna be in touch during this quite so much.

  • Because of that now, they worried that they're going to somehow forget their English.

  • First of all, environment is something that you've actually make yourself on.

  • Any body can be in touch of English as much as they want to be in their day to day life.

  • Liar, media, films, TV, YouTube, podcast, radio war By good stuff.

  • It's already.

  • It is kind of almost a moot point in a way.

  • But even if you were to completely 100% lose touch with the English language, become so ridiculously, hideously busy or focused on something else like myself in my life right now, I mean language learning The improvement of my Japanese is a second language.

  • It is certainly not a priority for me at the moment.

  • I'm waas kind of learning tire unease.

  • I'm gonna be perfectly honest and say I got almost nowhere with that because I hit Ph.

  • D.

  • Thesis and I pretty much just plowed all my time into that.

  • I digress.

  • But point is, even if you did get to the point where you are not in touch with the language at all, what will happen is you won't forget it per se.

  • Research in psychology cycle in Greece.

  • Sticks tells us that we never forget language that we've learned.

  • But what will happen is it will kind of go to sleep.

  • It will almost become de activated essentially a brain will say, We ain't using this in a moment.

  • Select.

  • It's clear it out the way so that it's no draining precious energy.

  • Resource is so that we can reallocate that back to something else.

  • So you're English will kind of go to sleep, but it's like when you wake up from a deep sleep.

  • When he then start using English again, you will feel slow and sluggish like I do every single morning before I have my 1st 2 or three cups of copy.

  • Andi.

  • Once you then get back into the swing of things, you get back in touch thing we should get using the language again.

  • You get back into a study routine.

  • It will wake right back up in no time.

  • It's significantly faster and easier to wake.

  • A language up there is to learn it in the first place.

  • So worrying about forgetting your English once you've lined London is you shouldn't worry.

  • Worrying about it is a total waste of time.

  • I mean, it's because you won't forget it, and reactivating a language that's going to sleep is absolute piece of cake.

  • You do, of course, have to learn it properly.

  • the first place to be out of.

  • Wake it up, though.

  • On on that, I can help you had over two doing English, not calm such free training.

  • And check out my free training.

  • I'll teach you the five key changes you need to make your day today.

  • English improvement routine to see the fastest results.

  • Check it out.

  • I'll see you on the other side.

  • This is made Judy.

  • Northbrook.

  • I've gotta get back to my run because the timer, it's still a ticking on.

  • And, yeah, I haven't actually finished it.

no getting off work here from digging with dot com.


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