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  • Please don't last up in this video.

  • I'll be exploring a sex with Billy.

  • Ah, WiFi free incent translator.

  • I'll use this in real life travel situations and see if I could get around without any Japanese.

  • So let's see how that goes and also stand to the end to him.

  • I review.

  • Excuse me.

  • Where is this?

  • Oh, thank you, E.

  • I found this job I'm looking for and I'm gonna get changed into my No.

  • What size is there?

  • Okay, okay.

  • I should be able to resize.

  • Is, uh I'm gonna go the blue.

  • Yeah, I like how she tried the boat.

  • Six.

  • I got a little bit hungry, so I went to search for some street food.

  • What is your recommendation?

  • I paid by credit card cash.

  • Okay, Okay.

  • Okay.

  • I have kids, I but I want to point my toe.

  • It's like sweet potato like sweet plays around and that's got sesame seeds sprinkled all over.

  • What is this being bean?

  • Can I try one e one b six, 60 and 60.

  • Okay, beans is very sweet, and I felt like that Castella cake on the outside.

  • You have a different wait.

  • Temple of a sex I and I'm gonna get someone to take a photo P and Big Glanton behind.

  • So wish we like you.

  • Can you take a photo for me?

  • Thank you, so far, being working pretty well.

  • People have been understanding me, and I've been able to get by English, and it's translating everything correctly.

  • But for it to work this, I think it's just a short sentences and to speak more slowly, so that translates to the right thing.

  • But let's go on and continue to explore XX a and see what else we can do with what's his name.

  • My booty come to one of the local areas off sex, and there's a lot of these really nice outdoor restaurants where the locals come, even just real quick there at lunchtime, as we should put the locals that work around this area, I think a lot of them only have a Japanese menu, but we're gonna use really and try to order with that.

  • What is your recommendation?

  • Vegetables way on the open street.

  • And then people like walking past you got your drink?

  • Well, that's kind of finished, but it's a really nice atmosphere, especially on summer.

  • Please don't thank you.

  • So I've been using a lethal a day.

  • I found it really fun and simple to use.

  • And it's designed for short trouble sentences, which was really great, because translated most of my phrases correctly and every moment really is one way.

  • However, it was still very easy for me to break that language barrier and communicate with the locals.

  • So I hope you guys enjoy the video.

  • It's a very high technology kind of equipment, but this is what we need for the future.

  • So my main message in this video is don't you know, little language barrier stop you from traveling?

  • I hope you guys and three the video and I will see you next time.

Please don't last up in this video.


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インスタント翻訳機だけで日本を旅する|イリ (Traveling Japan with only an instant translator | ili)

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