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  • Maybe you're no, I remember I was in San Diego.

  • We're Mission Beach, and Santana comes in and out of the house.

  • I remember one walking, doing, stealing the stand on my feet lips.

  • It's like wrapping room, and I was literally just sweeping.

  • The one of my friends want bonds.

  • He's very funny in real estate.

  • He was a lot of those programs, like Maximize your business and grow your business and how to properly apply your time.

  • Optimize everything you're doing, which I love that stuff that you probably 11 AM 12 noon.

  • Someone there.

  • I like swimming.

  • I just listen to something by sometimes he's making a 1,000,000 stops, and he said, You should never doing things that you could take someone less to do if your time is worth more.

  • You mean like, how much would you take?

  • Someone should flow for you now 1623.

  • Exactly how much to charge If you ended the single, you're the best in the world.

  • It was like exactly You should be doing that and you should be paying them to do fix, I said.

  • What's the point?

  • Is it because then you can scale your business and growing.

  • And then you can hire more people in your job and you can make more money and have more value in the people's lives changed.

  • And eventually you've been growing stealing, become a business owner operator, and then that point you have this four hour workweek.

  • You check in a couple days a week to make sure it's running perfectly, and then you can enjoy life.

  • That's a crazy question.

  • If I can enjoy sweeping the floor right, what makes you think I would enjoy that?

  • That sounds cool on the other him.

  • Those I could learn how to fall this week before.

  • Right now I'm going to enjoy every step of the journey, no matter where.

  • And there is this where you feel like coming back to I am enough.

  • There cannot be enough just being in the simplest moments during the simplest things.

  • But they start to become profound because I could be enough in those moments without having to do beyond me in that moment.

  • Just do the things that are fun Now.

  • That's not fair to say that there's some parts of the world where you could be really happy doing simple stuff like that.

  • But more help is needed, right?

  • These things that absolutely but at the same time, if you're someone hurting you try to change all those things.

  • You never take time to drive the process.

  • If you like your enough on the journey I hate when you get to the results of the end.

  • You're only gonna be disappointed in committee will finally feel like enough on the other side.

Maybe you're no, I remember I was in San Diego.


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