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  • Hi, I'm Lynn.

  • Thanks for watching my video today.

  • I'm going to help you improve your English speaking and pronunciation by reading English out loud.

  • This is a very helpful video, so keep watching.

  • You might think that it's hard to practice English when there's no one to talk Teoh.

  • But there is a really helpful way to practice your English.

  • Even if you're by yourself and it's by reading out loud, you can take a book, an article, a poem, even a song, and not only read it, but read it out loud.

  • This is something that will help you not only get new vocabulary, but it will greatly improve your pronunciation and your conversation ability.

  • This is something that I have instructed many of my students to dio and always if they read out loud every day, I can see a huge improvement in not only their fluency but their conversation ability and pronunciation.

  • And this is something that is very simple to do by yourself.

  • Choose something that you want to read, read it and read it out loud every day, and you will be surprised how fast you improved.

  • It's a great tip, so I really think you should try it.

  • Reading out loud each day might not seem like the best way to improve your English, but it's something very simple that you can dio and I know you guys can do it.

  • So remember, learning English is hard work.

  • But if you try a little bit even something simple, like reading out loud every day, you're going to see an improvement.

  • I know you guys can do it.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • Tell me about your experience reading out loud in the comments.

  • Tell me what kinds of things you read and what improvement you've seen.

  • And don't forget, so like and subscribe.

  • See you next.

Hi, I'm Lynn.


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音読|英会話を学ぶ (Reading OUT LOUD | Learning English Conversation)

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